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Nunemaker Center wins KU energy savings contest

Why is it so difficult to find "Heard on the Hill"? It's listed in the top banner online, but when one clicks on it, the most recent posting is November, 2012. Instead, one has to click "Opinion", then "Staff Blogs", then find it.

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An eye for expansion: Bar and restaurant owners bring a little bit of Lawrence out of town

Sheesh, LJW, was I the only one paying attention in 5th grade when we were taught the difference between "bring" and "take" and the difference between "its" and "it's"?

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Perkins' state ethics violation case still under investigation

Perkins may have elevated the budget to close to the top of the Big 12, but KU still ranks 11th in total athletic success. Yes, we have facilities, and they come with $24 million in bonded indebtedness. So what are we getting for the money? A very-well compensated athletic director with a bloated, overpaid staff who makes excessive use of expense accounts because, "in his world, time is important". He's arrogant, a public relations nightmare, raises money but shows no results in overal athletic achievment, and doesn't apparently use any of that valuable time to notice his thieving employees.

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Plans unveiled to accommodate KU-KSU football fans on a Thursday night

"EMAW"---the sound made when a K-Stater artificially inseminates a mule. And, yes, I know that would be pointless--yet another reason the mule objects---but it's so hard to reason with the purple pusscats.

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Summer skills: Marcus Morris works at NBA player’s camp

Technically, it's blond for males and blonde for females, although Americans tend to use them interchangeably.

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KU playing catch-up while neighbors leave Big 12

Dolph, right again on all counts!

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KU athletic department records third-highest GPA in school history

Perkins absolutely deserves credit for increased emphasis on student athelete academics and improved facilities. And yes he brought in much more money, but where did it go? He makes millions, his assistants are well paid (some apparently not as much as they wanted), and we still don't know about expense accounts. Budget in upper reaches of Big XII, but success on the field? Aside from basketball, which was doing fine when he arrived and football, also on the rise before he came--other sports still doing same or worse as when he came. Oh and as for the facilities, can you say $40 million debt?

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Collins, Aldrich earn AP All-America status

Unfortunately, I think that's exactly what it means.

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KU chancellor says Perkins' contract with Overland Park company isn't a problem

Don't assume that people who hate Lew lost great seats. My 40+year seats have improved with the points system, and I continue to attend because I support my school. Lew raises lots of money, but he spends much of it on himself and his overpaid crew. I object to his manipulation of the permanent points to cheapen years-long support. He's also terrible at public relations, turning most any situation into a KU embarrassment. With the exception of a few KU grads with some sensibilities, much of his staff are incredibly arrogant boors with whom to work. His only interest is immediate cash. The long-term interests of KU and KU athletics are immaterial to Lew and crew.

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Scare tactic?

Studies showing approx 1.06 million bankruptcies filed in 2008 divided by 365 days and 24 hours (not business days/hours) leaves 2.02 bankruptcies filed per minute. A Harvard study concludes that approximately 50% of bankruptcies are due to medical costs, leaving a more likely figure to be a little over 1 medical bankruptcy per minute instead of 1 per 30 seconds. Obviously, using business days/hours would lead to many more than 1 per 30 seconds.

The problem is serious, and I'm disappointed the LJW appears to be more concerned about a small difference in statistics than the INCREDIBLE breadth and depth of the real problem.

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