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End may be coming for GOP moderates

So, which party took control of the Senate as a result of the recall election?

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Lawrence teachers, district at stalemate in salary negotiations

Considering that estimates of attrition remain fairly high even in a down economy, I suspect many teachers are doing just that.

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Groups urge veto of anti-Sharia law bill


Can I opt out? I think my comment acknowledging an action taken by the state was somehow mistaken for support (also, I'm not sure why my initial comment ended up below the reply).

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Brownback plans to sign more aggressive tax-cutting bill after Senate halts alternative

"Tax relief," he says. I guess he does have a point; after all, he will be relieving those of us who aren't wealthy of more of our money.

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Groups urge veto of anti-Sharia law bill

Also - though I may be mistaken - I believe Kansas declared English it's official state language several years ago.

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Groups urge veto of anti-Sharia law bill

The United States has no official language at the federal level. It's not up to Brownback to make that call.

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Well, the letter itself was fairly snarky. Why complain about the lack of well-lit sidewalks accessible to retirees only to turn around and imply that providing the same for KU students is somehow wasteful? Without KU, Lawrence would be South Leavenworth.

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

What reality is that? The Muslims are out to get us? If a third-party payer covers all or part of the cost of contraception, the the sky will start falling? Help me out here.

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Day 90: Legislature attacks Sharia law, United Nations Agenda 21, but no resolution on budget, redistricting

"Actually Browback is becoming a very powerful governor..."

That's what I'm afraid of.

"...setting a new more conservative agenda!"

Socially? OK, but I'm not sure that's in the best interests of most Kansans, especially women.

Fiscally? Not so much. Throwing away a $600 million surplus and running up a deficit on a hope and a prayer that new business will follow is not fiscally responsible.

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