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Kansas House votes to end program allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Those of us who are far from rich and have to pay out of state tuition are happy to see this change. Why would an illegal deserve in state tuition more than my son? He goes to school and works full time to pay his expenses. He will have to work just as hard as an illegal to be successful but he will never be given any breaks.

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Chilly reception: KU rolls in ‘dead’ arena

I'm in West Texas and I've been in that stadium the last 3 times we lost. The stadium is always packed and they always storm the court after the game. Their fans are horrible and I'm usually harrassed leaving the stadium when they see I'm a KU fan.

I would have been there if the weather here wasn't so bad.

I think the rude Tech fans gave up on their basketball team like we did with our football team.

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Bruise cruise: Jayhawks win ‘chippy’ contest vs. Golden Bears

They obviously know the world is watching them. I think some fouls can't be helped .What do you do when guys are all around you and they are trying to get the ball from you.

Hey, this isn't a volleyball game. We won that's all that matters. Yahoo!

Maybe we just need alot taller guys then their elbows won't get in the other teams faces.

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KU basketball player Mario Little arrested after altercation involving girlfriend, suspended indefinitely

When Morningstar got a DWI - He could have killed someone. What did they decide "You didn't kill anyone so will let you stay on the team"

What Mario did wasn't any worse. Play fair let him stay on the team. I'm sure he's not the
most valuable player but that should not make a difference. He deserves a second chance.

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KU wants to make "Jayhawk Generations" tuition waiver permanent

I'm a Jayhawk living in Texas my son was determined to be a Jayhawk also. The problem is he is an average student one they are not dying to have so we will be in debt with college loans for years just to a fullfill a crazy dream of graduating from Kansas.
The programs not helping us at all I know we didn't pay Kansas taxes but while he's there
he's contributing to Kansas economy I wish they would include even the average kids that
might stay in Kansas.

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KU-Nebraska football to kick off at 6 p.m. on Nov. 13

I'm not saying he was the greatest coach in the world but we did enjoy going to games there for a while. At least he showed a little more sign of life than Gill ever has.

And I don't think Gill's record is any better than Mangino's.

What does it take to be a good coach?

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KU-Nebraska football to kick off at 6 p.m. on Nov. 13

Regarding fair weather fans I still think how can the fans get excited when the coach never does.
(He's probably on the sidelines thinking how he is going to spend his 2 million dollars.)

Also, say what you want about Mangino but I had seen him many times during games looking like he deserved to be coach of the year. I guess he had an ugly side but at least he
acted like a coach.

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Nobody’s home: Fans flee scene of latest KU setback

I think it would make a big difference if the score was at least closer your cheering wears out after your down by 50 points. Also the ticket prices are crazy and in most of the Texas schools students in get free. It's alot easier to go when you don't pay anything. It doesn't matter how good your are then.

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