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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

That is the system for as long as I have been alive.$100 dollar bills in stacks, unreported income transaction. It exsists more now than back then. Now they pass laws for there protection pryer to transactions. I think that is alot of the pork in our bills too. Who can stop that? We elected them & they say or we are told. 50% & 50%, this is right where we designed to be. History is Karma in a funny way. World Almanac by Al Gore!!!

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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

He needs Sal for sure now.

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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

Maybe drugs!!!!!? Naa, not here in Lawrence.

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Donor pays $130,000 to keep Jayhawk collection with the Kansas Union

Thanks James, you are a good hearted man. God Bless You.

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Two legislators will file bill to change proof-of-citizenship requirement for voters

Exactly who are our most precious voters? Am I not or 1%ers or who? Anything and everything I do gets recorded audio/video and show ID. I even have a Dillons Card, and so many others. How in the heck can I escape this world with no ID? I hope they are not talking about our elderly. These folks are most of the ones who get off there axxes and vote. Who are these most precious voters?

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City still hopeful that Vermont Street parking garage will be open by KU football's home opener

Headline should read:

Fizzel is still hopeful that Vermont Street parking garage that the city is building for them will be open by KU football’s home opener. Do I here a hotel addition and who is going to aquire the post office. I heard they will want the city to pay for an underground parking garage at the post office or they will let it just sit tell we do. I bet they will be moving fast on this.

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Prosecutors, defense attorneys clash over proposed changes to Hard 50 law

So you outright murder someone and you get life, that does realy not mean life in prison? More like 25 or less years. WTF? But we do not allow law abiding citizens to own a firearm without a backround check. Would a ID be part of the process. Yea, this is some good stuff. Let the criminals aquire arms on the black market to use against an unarmed individual. Nice set of rules. Just wait till the oil dollars are no longer printed, life will change as was promised by our leaders. What are the chances of voting any of them out? None. It is like a retiement home for the 1% loosers that could not make it in life without lying and cheating there friends.

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Kansas unemployment rate increases for third straight month


How do they calculate this figure?

Is there a website that lists all the unemployed that are looking for jobs?

How many are not looking for jobs because the way the industry is, they always get layed off part of the year and get right back on as soon as there unemployment runs out.

Maybe unemployment is really being calculated by the actual number of unemployed recieving benifits? Who is keeping track? NSA? GSA? SSA? etc.

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City commissioners asked to approve credit card and gate system for new downtown parking garage

That has always been my thought from the beginning. And do you really believe Frizel will be paying full price for each card. I would say at least half price or less will be given to them. Next will be the purchase of the post office and the addition for the hotel. Do I see the city paying for more underground privite parking for the developer in our future, hmmm?

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Latest sales tax report shows Lawrence spending up about 2 percent for the year

I have to agree as well. My spending is down but the tax is up, so a 4% increase in sales tax sounds about right. Just like our property tax I would imagine. Our values have not gone up but I pay more in poperty tax then the year before.

Now it has always been my understanding that if our department did not spend what was budgeted for that year, we would not be able to ask for more and would receive less funds the next year because of our thriftiness. Actually that never happened because we always would find a way to spend all the money so we could ask for more.

If I spend more money than I make in a year I should be a shoe in for a salary increase, RIGHT?

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