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Former President Bush accepts Dole prize, encourages public service

I believe the hecklers knew exactly what they were doing. I don't believe for a moment that they didn't realize how disrespectful they were being...and that's exactly why they did it.Really, their strategy was very smart. If they had stood outside with signs, no one would have paid attention and the media wouldn't have wrote about it (or if they did would bury it deep in the story). But they waited until the event was well under way to make their point, and thus maximizing their media exposure.I bet they could care less that they were speaking face to face with Bush. Like the story said, it doesn't bother him. No, I would imagine the reason behind this was to maximize their audience.The AP story on the event leads with the heckling. So does the Capital-Journal. So tomorrow morning tens of thousands of people will read about what happened. If they had kept the protest outside in all likelihood only the audience would have been exposed to their message.It may be disrespectful, but it's very smart.

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