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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Glad you made the right decision, Kelly.... You'll make a GREAT Jayhawk !!!

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Opinion: Kansas football making same mistakes

Couldn't agree more !!

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

It's amazing to me, even as an alum, how they would expect to sell ANY tickets for next year's football season after this year's debacle ! No alum I know will be loyal (or dumb) enough to be suckered again. And how about trying to raise money for the stadium renovations. Good luck with that !!! Like I have said in previous posts, Zenger SHOULD HAVE HIRED PHIL FULMER instead of Weis. He really dropped the ball (like our receivers) on that one !!!

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KU football recruit from SMW dies following stroke

Let's hope it 's the medical profession and not the media !! The media couldn't discover anything !!

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KU volleyball sweeps K-State

I agree !! We are proud of the way you are representing KU !

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Opinion: KU freshmen vs. vets could spice up Late Night

Bad idea !!! If an actual "game" were played under these circumstances, the players would take it too seriously, play harder and, therefor, run a higher risk of serious injury. Better to just have a good time clowning around and save the serious playing for Duke.

BTW, SFBayhawk, in 1955 the KU freshman team featuring Wilt Chamberlain beat the KU varsity handily !!

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

Improving facilities is a major part of any sports improvement project, probably just as important as improving the coaching staff, especially when the facilities are as old as KU's.

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Self: First hoops practice ho-hum

Actually, stevie, nobody really cares what you think about KU title rings. Check your mildcat trophy case. It doesn't have any where near as much hardware as KU's whether we're talking about conference titles or national titles !!!

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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

I agree, martyks ! KU and Weis havan't "turned any corner". In fact, they haven't a prayer of winning another game!!! I questioned this hire in 2011 and now my fears are coming true. AD Zenger had a chance then to hire Phil Fulmer and dropped the ball. Fulmer had coached at Tennessee (in the SEC) and won about 70% of his games including a national championship and was actually interested in KU. I had hoped that bringing in all these juco players and "hotshot" quarterbacks would bring somewhat better times. I should have known better.....................KU is still the laughing stock of the league in football and always will be !

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Opinion: Texas football should turn to …

Hey, Tom, maybe you shouldn't be touting Craig Bohl to Texas just yet. KU may be in the market for him in about another year.....................

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