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Don’t give up just yet

Weis tried to get too cute on offense early on and that backfired. C'mon Coach, its Rice. Save that for TCU. I also noticed that Crist had all time and open field to run. I know we don't want to bang him up, but there were countless times he had at least 10 yards available. Not having him run means the defense only has to worry about pass rush and secondary matchups.

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KU football plans to bounce back

How about letting Crist run once in awhile. There were countless opportunities for him to pick up big yards by just running out of the pocket.

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Middle class

Chalk up another failure of capitalism...Oh wait, we are the greatest country in the world!

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Middle class

Already did and it didn't work. Ready Karl Marx. You might learn something.

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Obama: Recovery path hard, challenge 'can be met'

What is the Republican plan for anything besides guns, gays, and God?

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Former KU guard Milton Doyle to transfer to Loyola

With 18 players on the roster I would transfer to...

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Protesters interrupt Kobach's defense of Alabama immigration law

It doesn't help unemployment. Only hispanics want to work those jobs due to low pay and poor working condiitons. Alabama is a huge non-union state.

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Sick and tired of the waiting game

Being moderate once in awhile Bozo isn't a bad thing. You're being too extreme. Don't understand why you want to support abusers? And you know I agree with you over 90% of the time.

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Sick and tired of the waiting game

The issue here is abuse not use. Overeating, chain smoking, alcoholism are all based on abuse. IF you abuse then I won't pay for it.

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