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KU students, staff sound off on possibility of concealed carry of guns in campus buildings

Well said Ashley, I for one am very concerned over the loss of freedoms. Just read where our fearless leaders are trying to mandate the following. New vehicles will have tracking and informational data sensors allowing access to where and how we drive.

Can you fathom the complexity of problems this will cause?

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KU students, staff sound off on possibility of concealed carry of guns in campus buildings

Just FYI, in another part of the country a few decades ago it was not uncommon me included to have a gun in the dorm. Not sure there was any "Special" rules about this with the exception of the thousands of laws out there at the time.

Memory plays tricks, but none of my buddies can even remember seeing other student's shotguns. Gun manners, or courtesy was followed. To us, they were no different than a fishing rod and reel, just a tool. Kept mine in the closet, bringing it out only for duck hunting. Also, we had an indoor rifle range on campus too.

My times have changed.

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Brownback says litigation over school finance is 'dumb way of handling this'; only Republicans invited to discussion

If raising taxes increase tax revenue, then why don't we raise it to 90 percent. Makes sense in this argument. Of course Brownback and other successful low or no tax governors understand the complexity of our system.

Or, have we become a grab the tax buck goodies nation?

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Just Food challenges Douglas County residents to live on food-stamplike grocery budget

Amy, I'm not sure about the negativity, for at least my family does give when the need is there. When a case as the above is made we find it difficult to give our hard earned monies. Or support expansion of tax funded programs.

So, I will make such a case about a true need.

On the other hand we do recognize and support all the programs (at least the ones we know) in helping with clothing costs for the needy.

Chat with a school social worker about the lack of proper clothing for kids, it will tear your heart strings. You may be one, I was one whom used to comment about jr. and senior high school kids wearing shorts all winter. That was until I found they often didn't have a pair of proper fitting long pants.

As I found as a new parent years ago, kids grow, and kids are sensitive about what they wear.

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Just Food challenges Douglas County residents to live on food-stamplike grocery budget

It's a tough sell George, hard for some to understand just how many programs are out there. This is very similar to the cyclical complaints about job training programs. Just as with the topic many do not realize the dozens and dozens of local, county, state and federal job training programs there are.

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Just Food challenges Douglas County residents to live on food-stamplike grocery budget

I agree something has to be done to help, and I certainly agree with John G about using warm and fuzzy names for programs.

We need to be honest, then work to solve the problem of hunger in our nation. Honest as in let's not forget the other programs as public school free and reduced breakfast and lunches. This is around 40 meals a month per each of the assumed 2 in this family having to live on 632.00.

Oh, at least in Lawrence free chow is offered at many locations during the summer. Not great may I add, but calories. Some after-school programs offer snacks too. We must add in the many private/public food pantries, and of course government surplus handouts as well.

I'm serious here, not easy to work a budget for struggling folks, especially when it involves transportation to the pantries and government give-aways. An older vehicle can smash a budget quickly. But.......I think it's disingenuous to claim a family has to live on 632 a month.

In short, let's start with an honest look at the problem.

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Construction work begins on South Lawrence Trafficway

I do believe the traffic-way will certainly increase business for Lawrence. I do mean Lawrence proper.

As a sales rep many moons ago I as others would do anything to skip Lawrence when not having business to do in town. I lived in JO-CO then and the thought of stop and go, odd street configurations, simply the extra driving time always had me either going North on HW 24, or even South on HW 56.

Anything to avoid the Lawrence traffic mess.

At least for me a quick stop for grocery items, lunch, or a quick gift Lawrence was not ideal for folks making a living on the road.

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Reports on administrative growth in schools get mixed reviews

Oh, this is not the former school board Morgan.

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Reports on administrative growth in schools get mixed reviews

.........Many of his school districts are losing students but they still need a superintendent, he said. And, he said, superintendents in his area fulfill many other jobs.........

Kansas is not unlike other low population rural states in many areas. My main problem with educational spending is a belief tax dollars are wasted due to traditional thinking. A super is needed?.....really?.. our tiny districts should either merge, or if this isn't feasible, hire one on a percentage salary? Combine the administration between another or even a couple of other districts. Administration can in some cases be done by talented teachers who act as building principals too. Many instructors carry degrees in administration.

..........is a belief tax dollars are wasted due to traditional thinking.....

I support the governor in cutting back wasteful spending....but not in cutting a dime from actual instruction. In fact teachers/support staff deserve significant raises.

Just one simple idea....

When driving through town it's not uncommon to see 3 major buses running our streets. Add in the other transportation services and you have huge operating expenses. Tax paid expenses. Would it not be prudent to simply hire staff to ride the T/KU buses for district student supervision eliminating the huge district expense of transportation?

A win win for consideration. One, makes the other bus companies stronger, two, eliminates the need for administration (salary) level jobs, three, takes a significant amount of time and money not going to actual instruction off the school districts plate.

This is just one idea, there are so many ways to cut non instructional spending.

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Lawrence angler an advocate for state's fisheries, healthy lifestyle

Great article! Great fisherman! Gonna order the book (s) today.

I would value Mr. Kehde's views on opening up some not all public waters to waterside development.
Some of us greybeards do not get around as well and need to be closer to the water. For some of us just putting a boat in the water every time one wished to drown a worm is impossible.
Actually, some of us before turning greybeards loved to rent weekend/week cabins on lakes in the Minnesota and Missouri style anyway. Some of us prefer to put a boat in the water once a weekend/week and use a motel/cabin public dock to park it.

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