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How would you prepare for the Mayan apocalypse Friday?

lose not loose, dagnabit

December 18, 2012 at 9:14 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

How would you prepare for the Mayan apocalypse Friday?

Me and Elvis

Gonna take a ride

In a silvery ship

With little green men inside

Pick up Morrison

Break on through

Look back and laugh

At the likes of you

Bigfoot's coming

He's bringing the booze

We're gonna get smashed

What's there to loose

But if the Mayans are wrong

And all life is not over

We'll face Saturday morning

With a Doomsday hangover

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TV crew to search for Bigfoot in Kansas

They will be here to investigate e"Roe"neous reports that a number of Bigfoot eggs, which closely resemble golf balls, have been found to have been shot along the Kaw.

It would appear that someone had been using the Squatch Orbs for target practice.

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It's Halloween Night in Your Neighborhood

And it all started so innocently...

October 31, 2012 at 8:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

It's Halloween Night in Your Neighborhood

For a brief instant the fairy princess

with the oversized gown

balances on wobbly heels

upon the step of the web strewn porch

The goblins and superheroes

pay scant attention as she pitches forward.

Star tipped wand escapes her grasp

And plastic pumpkin rolls down the walk

spilling its hoard of

Halloween treasures

into the darkness.

The skinned knee oozes

slightly thickened dampness

through the sparkly dress

and princess tears roll

down reddened cheeks.

Somewhere in the deepening darkness

of the hallowed eve

her plight draws a gasp

from the creatures of the night.

The hollow eyed ghost

and the wide eyed owl

reply in unison

to echo her cries

Boo! Hoo!

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In a Perfect World

A perfect world

And what it means

To different people

Are different things

To some perfect is

All lending a hand

To all those in need

And helping them stand

To others perfect means

That for their own sake

They get to hold on

To what they grab and take

But most of us fall

Somewhere in the middle

We like to take some

And to give back a little

It's not hard to see

That there's those who feel

They haven't the time

For tiny hand or small heel

But for us who feel sad

Whose hearts are torn

We can't help but cry

At tiny lives left unborn

We wish somehow

That each one had

The chance to know

A mom and dad

And grandparents too

Whose faces do beam

When little ones show

Up on the scene

We just had ours

A few days to snuggle

Even if their small noses

Did run and did bubble

Our world is perfect

When little ones we can hold

Though they left us both

With the perfect cold

Yes we know they're not perfect

Nor their parents, nor we

But together we make

A perfect family

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Do you know who Carrie Nation is?

She became irrelevant when they did away with "Don't axe, don't tell"

September 11, 2012 at 6:24 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

What is a meal or a food that you think captures the essence of summer and why?

With pigs in full bloom
Lots of BLT's loom
The Summer has got a great start

Sweet corn on the cobs
We eat by the gobs
Sending butter and salt to the heart

Thick juicy steaks on the grill
Lots of brewskies to chill
Outdoor cooking's become such an art

'Tater salad with mayo
We could eat it all dayo
Home made not the stuff from the mart

The ice cream's a freezing
Cranking, sweating, and wheezing
The exercise helps me not fall apart

Onions and cucumber
Then to bed for some slumber
Glad they make my wife burp and not fart

Tomorrow's a new day
We'll do things the same way
'Cause it's summer and we'll do our part

To make it all grand
In this bountiful land
Waste not nor want, ain't we smart?

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What you've recently done to deserve a round of applause

You all deserve

A round of applause

With plenty of cheering

And hearty Yee-Haws

For just putting on

A big smiling face

And making this world

A much better place

Caring for others

With true heart and soul

Is something you've set

For yourselves as a goal

You can start patting

Your backs and be glad

'Cause you help to make this world

A little less sad

And so I applaud you

Commentors rise tall

A standing ovation

I'm giving you all

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What you've recently done to deserve a round of applause

Back to topic, I came up with a little song I sing over the phone to my just under two year old Grandson when he has Mom and Dad call "Papa" for him. Makes him giggle every time. : )

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