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I agree with Liberty_One....bunch of whiny, jealous people on this site that don't know much about sports.

Lew does his job very well...I believe he was voted the #1 "sports excecutive" (or something like that) by Time magazine within the last year or so. This list included executives for professional sports as well. Yes, Lew makes a lot of money, and he has produced results which justify his salary. KU as a whole is better off with Lew leading the athletic department.

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Unfair slap

Beo, how do you (or anyone else) know for sure that what mommy said isn't factual? She described her first hand experience with obtaining public assistance....I'm not sure what kind of "proof" she should provide? Photos? Names of people abusing the system? I'm not sure this is a forum for such a thing. All we are doing here is discussing a topic...if someone describes a person experience, all we can really do is take her/his word for it or choose not to believe it.

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Unfair slap

I don't see too many people here "screaming" for this. Most people who have said they are for it have at least tried to explain their reasoning for their opinion.

Mommyoffour tried to add to the discussion at hand; for whatever reason, you made a personal attack on her and contributed nothing to the discussion. That was my point.

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Unfair slap

Beobachter, that was awfully judgemental of you. Do you feel good about yourself after that?

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A proud new papa

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A proud new papa

Rtwngr--you are a moron, please STFU.

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Not a luxury

People survived before the empT. They will survive after the empT is done away with.

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Area Football Roundup: Eudora wins, but loses

Ryan Fisher is a stud. 'Nuf said.

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Doubtful claim

"Hugh the Middle-Class Guy also obviously doesn't understand Obama's tax plan..."Nor do many people Kendall.Obama first said there would be no tax increases for those making under $250,000. Later he threw out $200,000 as the income level where the tax increases would start. And just recently, Joe Biden said no tax increases for those making under $150,000. See where this is going? I would guess if elected, Mr. Obama will raise taxes on the vast majority of us.

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Pickens packs house

Drill here, drill now. Quit sending our damn $$ overseas for oil.At the same time, develop alternative fuels and implement them for widespread use.We need more people like Pickens promoting plans and acting on the huge energy problem we have. Congress currently isn't doing $hit about it, and I have no faith that they ever will.

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