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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

off the subject but... Deandre Daniels? Anyone heard anything new?

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Marcus Morris, Josh Selby earn preseason all-Big 12 honors

Spending money? I wasn't aware of this practice. How much does it cost to buy Freshman of the Year honors? The better question is how much more does first team cost than honorable mention? IMO, the school would have been much better off to promote team unity by purchasing an honorable mention for each scholarship player. But that's just me.

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California prep Chol to attend Late Night

Why can't he attend class while this is being determined? And if he can , why isn't he? not good.

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

“I wish they had a rule where he could have gone right away,” Carl said of his son heading to the pros after his senior year at Putnam City (Okla.) High. “But those are not the rules. He followed the rules. Now he can go.”

...says the father who didn't even bother coming to his son's announcement to PLAY PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL. Isn't this what he has been prepping his offspring to do for the last 19 years? Way to mail in your parental support from OKC.

The news conference revealed two things:
1. X is genuine and loved his time at KU.
2. Carl just can't help but be a d-bag.

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft


Releford wouldn't have red-shirted if X wasn't there. Not saying he was/is X's equal, but I think he will be very good given some PT - and he'll be here 3 more years.

Mario Little has no more eligibility for development, but I'm not sure he wouldn't have been a more complete offensive player than X (I can count on a hand that's been caught in a lawnmower that number of times X took someone off the dribble.)

Who knows who else - Self could have played Marcus more at the 3 and given Kieff the start at the 4 - with Withey and/or Robinson benefiting with more PT at the 4/5. Or Self could have played a small ball/3 guard look which might have allowed EJ more floor time.

Again, its all speculation but there's only so many minutes to go around, especially when HCBS refused to play more than 8 deep.

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

Ricky_Vaughn ,

As far as B. Rush, the distinction being "supposed to" - he wasn't OAD. I don't know of any KU player that's actually been OAD. Several were talked up as OAD - but none actually were gone to the League the year after their freshman year. X would be the first.

For the record, I have no problem with Self recruiting top 5 talent to KU, ALL of which will carry the OAD tag (true or not.) However, it can be a deal with the devil. This season with X is a reminder that committing to these high profile freshmen is like a pro-team buying an expensive free-agent for a one year-title run. When the title doesn't happen, the team is left a year behind in the development of their other players. The "cost" of the free-agent isn't always worth the price you pay the following year(s).

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

remaining questions:
- is X signing with an agent? (with his family $ really no reason to - google B. Rush and ACL)
- is CJ coming back and do I care? (doubt it, and I guess I must since I asked the question)
- what did Carl tell X to eat for breakfast this AM?

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

X: KU's first OAD. A good enough player - esp for a freshman. Didn't do much in conference play or tourney time. Played well against a few good teams and played better against mediocre teams. Was he the reason we won the conference? No. Could've done it without him. Was he the reason we lost to a MVC team in round 2 - probably not.

Big Picture: In hindsight, I now think him coming was to the detriment of our team. Not a knock on him or Self. It was worth a try. If he would have had a Wall-like impact then we're National Champs. But short of that we can now see he took meaningful development time from Releford. Who knows, maybe Mario would've been the offensive spark we needed against N. Iowa if he would've been in play this year. A bunch of what if's and maybe's.

Final thought: thanks for coming to KU X. Best of luck in the NBA. Wish it would have turned out better... for both of us.

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Worth the sacrifice: Increased physicality in practice pays off for KU

I saw Markieff on the bench motioning to the KSU fans in the waning moments of OT: looked like he mimicking talking on the phone and pointing at them and smiling. Perhaps encouraging more calls to discuss the game's outcome?

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Jayhawks suffer first loss of year

I will be the first to say we have the best coach in the country and I hope he's here 20 more years, BUT... Coach Self should include himself as part of the blame for this loss. While I agree that everyone seemed to play soft ("paging the Morris Twins") the game plan should have included picking up the pace. We should be pressing, utilizing our depth and wearing down teams, especially teams as short-handed as Tennessee.

Also, Tyshawn needs some serious bench time. He seems to me to be regressing. Not saying EJ is the answer, but let's end the charade and start Morningstar already, with bumps in p.t. for CJ and Tyrel.

Finally, and most frustratingly: How do we not let our pre-season first team All-American big man take over this game down low? A bunch of sub 6' 9" players/walk-ons can limit his touches that easily? He should have had a 20+ point game. When Sherron's not hitting his shot, and X looks like a deer in headlights, Aldrich has to be the man and demand the ball -get in peoples' faces if you have to. Be a leader. When the score was tied at half and Chism had three fouls, I just knew we would find a way to pound it in to Aldrich. That should have been THE focus at halftime - and maybe it was. But if so, Self got outcoached by the snake-oil salesman in the orange sportscoat.

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