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City to consider limiting dogs in public cemeteries

Yeah, but you'd have been disappearded for that.

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

I've used it "in town" heading south of K-10 on Church street in Eudora. Not real heavy traffic or a lot of intersections, but it's really easy to speed in that area, and the police there patrol it regularly. I think that's really the only place I'd do it though.

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Owners of pre-eminent K-State bookstore buy The Jayhawk Bookstore

No matter how many times I reread this post, I can't seem to get it to make any sense whatsoever.

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Letter: Who’s listening?

The last I knew, Sam Brownback was aware that he's a public official and that some don't like his politics. It appears that he's decided to wear his big boy underwear and not get them into a wad over someone's opinion of him.

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Editorial: Sports tragedy

It's kind of pathetic when you have to warn a parent that they'll have to leave if they tell their kid to push another player because "the refs aren't calling it on the other team" or threaten to stop a game if a parent continues their behavior. Had to do both.

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Letter: Shame on us

Especially, since, with an automatic weapon you probably won't even hit anywhere near your target after the first round. Even Stallone and Schwarzenegger couldn't do that in the real world.

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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake


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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

Apparently, legs.

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Police cite driver suspected in downtown accident with cyclists

Not so sure this statement was really even necessary, unless there was an article published earlier stating that the police were looking for a car with said license plate. Even then...

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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

Either way, old enough to make a decision like that but not old enough to make a decision to consume alcohol or not just doesn't seem to make much sense.

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