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Kansas City Chiefs fire head coach Todd Haley

You seem to be quite an unpleasant person. Maybe you deserve a lovely case of genital warts.

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Town Talk: What census numbers may mean to the building industry; Comfort Inn construction begins; Teller's sold to general manager

Maybe what CHKNLTL meant was, sending their earnings to offshore accounts, like Dave Freeman.

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Pinball wizard restores old machines

Mr. Christmas Lights for City Commission? I think that is a GREAT idea. The city could use someone who thinks of others before their own wallet. There's a slight whif of collusion 'round town. Owners of "downtown" businesses, who are also council members, seem to be looking out for the best interests of themselves and not the general populace. I love downtown, but I hardly think that it needs to be the major agenda of the city council every stinkin' year. Support local businesses, yes, but do the council members REALLY have what is best for the city at heart or paying their own bills?

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Scotch Share the Warmth coat giveaway under way in Lawrence

Shoot...Share the Scotch!

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Should panhandling be outlawed in downtown Lawrence?

Why would ANYONE vote "Yes"? You may "feel bad" for some people, but they could find more productive ways to make money than sitting on their keisters. The aluminium can collecters are taking an active role in their own survival.

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Holiday display already under way for couple after last year’s debut

Pywacket...First of all, I'm sure Dennis the Menace LOVES to come by your house ALL the time. Secondly, The police can issue citations for excessive noise. They'll be more than happy to write a ticket to the individual responsible for your listening displeasure. Since YOU would most likely have control over the volume in your own vehicle, just call it in. I'd LOVE to see the officer's face when you try that one.

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Holiday display already under way for couple after last year’s debut

They should look for sponsors. They could sell commercial airtime on their FM station.

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Stadium at LHS has ADA issues

Tumbilweed....If you don't like football, don't post on a thread that has anything to do with football. Wait until there is a thread on cross stitch or scrapbooking. Then your opinion my have value.

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Stadium at LHS has ADA issues

Umm Wordgenie...think ya might be just a LITTLE bitter? Just because someone may offer assistance, it CAN be for reasons other than pity. If someone holds the door open for you...that could just be manners. Maybe you should just relax and accept some kindness without trying to make yourself the victim. Psychotherapy might help. Just a thought.

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