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Officials say immigration bill would help KU recruit international grad students, faculty

I have a summer class at KU totaling 41 students. Guess how many American in the class....................? 6 total out of 41.

35 Asian decent students. 1 student from African. 5 Americans. Look around KU's campus and you will immediately notice the Asian born students far outweigh any other ethnic group. African-Americans, Hispanics, Middle eastern (growing), and other representations of foreign born students are far outnumbered by Asian students. Therefore, the University has some serious language barrier issues that I've witnessed in some classes. Sure, the University needs to hire more Professors and PhD students to better represent the current demographics on campus.

More importantly, the University needs to do something to attract more Hispanic and African American students in my opinion. By no means am I insinuating they lower the entrance standards. At this point, I'm not sure what KU can do to attract a more diverse student population.

I know this may offend some, but hands down without question, most of the Asian students I've had contact with are more serious and dedicated to their education than a lot of the American students on campus. This in itself could cause much debate on this board.

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Olathe man facing trial in botched home invasion in Lawrence says target was $30K in drug money

When does the madness end with these low level drug robberies in Lawrence?

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As Briggs prepares to move out of Sears building, rumors heat up that Dick's Sporting Goods will be moving in

Moved back to Lawrence almost one year ago from Kansas City. Surprised somewhat with the lack of development on one hand but also happy to see some of the old Lawrence businesses I remember from 10+ years ago. Please don't misunderstand, I have noticed quite a bit of development in certain parts of town. The one area that looks awful is up and down Iowa where certain buildings need to go. Yes, I understand Lawrence doesn't have the population to justify too much commercial development.

I never stopped reading this board over the past couple years. If I'm reading into it correctly, there seems to be issues with city government and their willingness to approve new business and others assuming that new business will harm the local businesses. Others seems to think these so-called low wagel jobs do nothing for the city and will eventually result in more empty buildings littering Lawrence and unemployment.

I understand the economics of business but don't understand this line of thinking. Would Lawrence and some of it's residents rather have the locals travel to Topeka or the KC Metro area and spend their money?

I'm sorry, but Lawrence needs to do everything it can to attract new residential and commercial development. The resistance to downtown development is another issue I don't understand. Again, I'm fully aware of the impending development coming for New Hampshire and would like to see downtown further develop and grow.

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