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Blackmail charges dropped against Baldwin City woman

Thank you all so much for your support. We as a society need to quit sweeping what is uncomfortable to talk about under the rug. Yes its nasty, but so is scaring our babies and in my opinion creating new sex offenders or the mind state of due to exposure.
Being on a list for the public should serve 2 purposes.
1 reason is a for a detour in behavior.
2 to inform parents and the public of those who choose not to obey the law.

We are failing our children if we as parents if we don't yell out to anyone who will listen and set the example to our children that sexual and or child abuse anytime anywhere is wrong! and if you decide to commit such acts in our community, you will register, with the correct info. To be placed on the list of registered offenders that will be available, to inform the public. Not the public that is smart enough to find it. But to people that might actually need that information that live right next door that due to lack of computer savvy cannot watch and instruct their kids correctly about their neighbors failing in my opinion only once again the protection of the sweet innocence of every child. Not just the kids who have parents that have researched the 2 lists needed to Identify the 85 offenders in Lawrence , KS.
I will not apologize or Bow for being a good mother. SafeWatch is still coming free and by request I just have to make sure I wont be Hauled to Jail this time. Not funny.

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Blackmail charges dropped against Baldwin City woman

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Blackmail charges dropped against Baldwin City woman

Yes their is registered list of Sex Offenders in your area and Its available on the internet. But did you know in 2013 low income areas had 48% of residents unable to use the internet. So to Parents that are not so computer savvy the list being on the internet is saying Big Whoop. Thats why I made:
SafeWatch- A Free by Request Picture list of Child and Sex Offenders living in Lawrence- Listing those who have been already convicted and all information released came direct for the kansas registered sex offender list. Free Free Free + Made available to the people who need it Living in the low income areas because consistently we find these Child and Sex Offenders living in these areas that people do not get online+ essentially making a list free and available to everyone really free and AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE the Ultimate Point in letting Raju Amhad and the LPD destroy my life and Family for 9 mths. Thankful GOD protects the Innocent. JB

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