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Have you been to the Lawrence Arts Center in the past year?

Wow, people. This is kinda sad. The Arts center is SUCH a fantastic resource. They have affordable classes and performances, awesome kids programs, and fresh new art displays regularly. There's always something there to see. It's one of my favorite things about the Lawrence community. I cannot fathom living here and having not been in the last year....

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Tax Day party at post office

Lovin' Alfred Packer! I'm SO there. I hope they sing a science song.... a science LOVE song...

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In honor of the chancellor's inauguration, the provost's office is asking the Kansas University community to perform 100,000 hours of community service. Will you volunteer?

Never am I more appauled at the Lawrence Community then when I'm reading comments on the LJWorld. What could it POSSIBLY hurt to do a couple of hours for the area so that KU looks less like a partying sports school and more like productive community members trying to head in the right direction? I know, I know, when you're not whining online you're doing thousands of hours of community service. Good for you. So donate a couple to help our image.

I'm actually going to be honest. I do jack s*** for the community. I'm going to take this opportunity to do something, no matter how mundane, to set an example for my daughter. Maybe it'll get the ball rolling for our family to work harder around here and think less about ourselves.

Everything's about politics. We hire chancellors to be politicians. She's doing EXACTLY what she's suppose to do. Yield to the expert.


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