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Lawrence man, 28, injured in one of series of fights Thursday morning outside The Granada

Why? Because they (like every bar in Lawrence) has fights that break out? A fight outside Jazzhaus earlier this week sent a man to the hospital... should we close down that bar too? Anytime you throw alcohol and crowds together you're going to get people who are belligerent and irresponsible. Maybe we should start blaming the alcohol and the individuals who abuse it before we blame the venue. And lets not forget that just because a fight breaks out in front of ONE crowded street front, that doesnt mean that those people were in attendance at that specific event or even that they were customers of that particular establishment. Drunks wander Mass Street all night and some of them are hungry for these kind of arguments.

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Town Talk: Ross department store chain files plans to move into former Old Navy spot; city spends about $180,000 on Final Four operations; ADM signs lease to start local office

I dont understand the hype around getting Ross. Ross is JUST LIKE TJMaxx (often times with crossover of merchandise) ... I dont foresee it lasting very long there and I already miss Old Navy.

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Knology sold to Denver area company for more than $750 million

After parting ways with Sunflower/Knology's price gouged monopoly 2 years ago, We went with AT&T for our ISP and DirecTV. Been totally blown away (in a good way) with DirecTV customer service but AT&T makes me homicidal even just to pay my monthly bill. Because there are literally no other options for an ISP, we're going back reluctantly to Knology (or Wow, I guess?) with our tail between our legs.

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