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Douglas County prosecutor removed from cases for errors in trials

Karma. Amy McGowan is unprofessional, rude, and acts ugly in trial. She is in it for the dramatics and not for the law, which is obvious by the comments she made in court. She is out to make a name for herself and picked sex crimes as her focus because she knows that is usually a guaranteed win and the public loves to see those defendants put away. We need a prosecutor who can put together a case, not act like they are on SVU. Good riddance.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

Why? Because I didn't sit here and talk about what a horrible human being she is and how she needs to go to prison for the rest of her life and get beheaded? Give me a break!

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, especially people who are so used to reading these stories on here and automatically placing people into a sterotypical "evil" box. Simple people come up with simple solutions. A society like ours would rather throw people into a jail cell for years and then expect them to come out completely reformed. Instead of considering programs like reformative justice or TREATMENT, they would rather just punish. I respect people for respecting the victim's families and I do NOT agree with her behavior, but I do know her and care about her and someone has to stand up for her.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

I'm glad that you, along with most of the posters on the board, know exactly what "NEEDS" to be done. We have lots of judges in society and not very many people with compassion. It's not with just this case, it's a lot of cases. I don't agree with what Jen did. Drinking and driving is not a joke and needs to be dealt with seriously. But I am asking for people to realize that she's not any different than any of you... or your friends and family. People who can write things anonymously on news stories like this make me sick to my stomach. Wait until it happens to someone you care about. Then you'll be less likely to see the world in binary terms. Good vs. Evil... Us vs. Them... Law Abiding vs. Criminal. We are all a mix of everything and NO ONE is perfect.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

I don't see you posting articles about every other parolee who violates the terms of their parole. Let alone if they are FROM Lawrence. Posting a huge picture of her on the front page of the website? That's what I have a problem with. Sensationalism.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

3 people were dead 7 years ago. That was the heartbreaking story then. What happens to her now is for KDOC, a judge, her victim's family, and her family to have an interest in. For people to sit here and discuss her character and the future of her case is sick, especially since she is not from this community. We cannot make ASSUMPTIONS about what she did or did not learn.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

Shaun Hittle-
When you became a journalist, did you expect to be writing stupid stories for the sole purpose of getting people to click on a link and feeding into the narrow-mindedness of society? Jennifer Adams is a sweet girl who at was at one point an Elementary School teacher. She made a huge mistake and she paid 6 years of her life because of it. I've never met anyone who felt more guilty for what they've done. If you've never known anyone who has had a few drinks and driven home, congratulations. Most of us are not so lucky. It's a terrible thing to do, but to demonize her the way you did is disgusting. She is not even from Lawrence, the immediate area OR even the STATE, so for you to write about her and put her on the front page is cruel. She screwed up. She has a problem. She is also a beautiful, sweet, kind, intelligent, and compassionate person. Don't you think it would be difficult for her to live with what she did every day of her life? For a woman with her heart, that is punishment enough. She runs marathons and 5k's in order to raise money for society to make up for her past . She had a great job in Oklahoma and was going back to school to rebuild her life. She made a mistake... not unlike probably half of Lawrence. If the purpose of writing the article is to provide some sort of a warning to the college-aged population of Lawrence that something like this can happen to anyone, you can do that without turning this beautiful person into a drunken criminal to be feared. If you let people recognize themselves in her by showing what kind of person she really is instead of turning her into an evil person where people want to "behead" her or throw her in prison and throw away the key, people will be more likely to walk away from reading the article learning a lesson. The criminal justice system is not just for the "others" in society. They are our mothers, daughters, fathers, brothers and friends. The world we live in is not black and white and we can not automatically judge people based on a specific action or mistake they made. So I advise you that next time you write an article about someone, regardless of what they did, please recognize that these people are PEOPLE and deserve to be treated as such. As a journalist you have a huge influence over your readers, members of society and if we are ever going to progress as a society, people with your kind of power need to be more tactful instead of sensationalizing stories for your own agenda. By writing this story the way you did, you are nothing but a tool, a sheep.

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