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Statehouse Live: Budget subcommittee cuts KU Med Center proposal, recommends audit of KU

Before you throw Mrs. Tyson under the bus and say that she is completely out of line, perhaps you should talk with the group that she met with to get their take on the situation. I am the group leader that presented to Sen. Tyson on behalf of KBOR by way of Pittsburg State University. I sincerely appreciate and agree with her take on this, and I out of anyone should be the most offended, being that her statements are directly caused by my lobbying. Monday was my first ever experience lobbying, so being put in the position in the first place was somewhat nerve-racking. We were given a packet of statistics with very little background information on those statistics. She called me out on this, and I'm glad that she did. Among the talking points that we were given to lobby for, I felt passionately about 2 of the 3. After expressing that she wanted to hear less how the regents felt and more how my group felt, we were able to have a meaningful conversation, agreeing on some issues and disagreeing on others. I have the ability to think for myself and my group does as well, but we were not in Topeka to do that. We were lobbying on behalf of KBOR and the trip was subsidized by our respective universities. We were there less as individuals and more as delegates. I have no choice but to agree with her statements and you should too.

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