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Congress clears hotly contested bailout bill

Paulson kept saying things were under control, until he suddenly began screaming fire, which would indicate he's either stupid or lying. In either case, why was he left in charge and given more money?We've been set up, once more.All those who voted yes are nothing more than prostitutes servicing their priveleged patrons.

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Big-box stores not in plan for S. Iowa Street

What a fun evening for the gang of four!
(Over)Development is their lifeblood. literally

I Love Lawrence! That's WHY I speak out. I vote and serve, therefore I may bitch!

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Support for sales tax gaining momentum

Surely we all know the property tax increase increase is a done deal.
Who is pushing this agenda? Probably the same folks who heavily funded the campaigns of some of new comissioners.
Personally, it won't make much difference financially, but for those with lots of property, it does.
Who are the few that will get out and vote? Probably the same few as last election.
Figure it out.

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Wal-Mart wins city approval

Local government replicates National Adm.
Wonder what the king and queen have up their sleeve next? We'll find out, for sure.

Thanks Boog, sorry you're in such poor company these days.

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Vote on Wal-Mart

Mr. Rundle was not *tossed* in the last election. He chose not to run again, after representing all the people of Lawrence for several terms.
As for Mr. Schauner, who also listened and represented everyone, some people got out and voted and some were complacent.

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Hearing issue

I support Nancy Boyda's actions in leaving the hearing, (she did return).
She was blasted for not wanting to hear "the good news" about Iraq.
Having a loved one in Iraq, we want to hear the truth, not mind candy created to try to manipulate us into a false sense of success.
While the situation may have improved in some areas, due to troop build up, the insurgents just move somewhere else, as my loved one said they would when he first learned about the Surge.
Meanwhile Kansans, as well as many others, continue giving their lives there, two in the last two weeks.

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Sheehan may challenge Pelosi for House seat

Liberals, Schmeberals, Labeling and finger-pointing is one of the big reasons we're in this big mess, and believe it or not, we're ALL in it together.
I will vote for anyone who I really believe will work for the common good,
Republican, Democrat, Male, Female, African- American, Caucasian, Whomever!

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Sheehan may challenge Pelosi for House seat

Wonderful! For starters, she's not a D.C. insider.
Whether or not she's a real threat, she will take votes away from Pelosi, whom I have, in the past, supported.
Maybe that's one way to get their attention.
She's doing more than complaining, I admire her for standing up to the Big Guys, that takes courage.

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3-mill tax increase considered

Actually, yes, the kids could sit on the floor. It's not the surroundings that promote learning.
Making do is some of what made us a great country.
Use the previous furnishings and make do!
What is an insignificant amount to some is breaking the backs of some of us, especially those of us on fixed incomes, and whose salaries don't rise at the same rate as cost of living.
What an inane attitude, new surroundings=all new equipment. Perhaps that could have been budgeted.
Is it ever enough?!

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Fuel standards

Thank you, Mkh.

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