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Government isn’t our enemy

I don't know where you get your information, but actually he is asking for federal assistance, and so are the gulf residents. if you think that Louisiana can deal with this on their own you are seriously underestimating the scope of the problem or overestimating the wealth of Louisiana.

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Government isn’t our enemy

The comparisons between this & Katrina are mostly based on the fact that they are both large-scale disasters that occurred in the same state. In fact, this is not the sam situation as Katrina, which left an entire population without homes or access to food or clean water, and highlighted the poverty of New Orleans and the need for government aid and compassion that was both possible and largely absent. Read up on the current state of New Orleans, or better yet go visit the impoverished areas and you will see that the effects very seriously remain in the less affluent areas. I know this very well, as a good part of my family is from New Orleans. Currently, there is not much that Obama can do about the oil spill. He is not an engineer and the government does not have the technology or equipment to stop the flow. The most they can do now is provide oversight of the situation and begin looking at the cleanup effort. But even that they cannot fully undertake until the leak is at least mostly stopped, which might not happen anytime soon. That does not mean that we will not need the government: we will need them to hold BP accountable, to plan, organize, and fund the massive cleanup effort, to provide information to the public, to restructure and fully investigate the MMS, to make informed decisions on regulation of the oil industry, and to give Louisiana what help it needs in response to loss of jobs/livelihoods/tourism revenue/environmentally sensitive habitats. Louisiana isn't exactly the richest or most educated state in the nation. If you try to actually write out, point by point, the similarities and differences between Katrina and the oil spill, with actual information, you will find that the similarities pretty much stop with "large-scale disaster" and "Louisiana" and "wanting to blame someone."

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Government isn’t our enemy

So maybe engineers should run our country, is that what you are saying? Otherwise I'm not sure what engineers have to do with this argument. From what I can see, not even engineers have a good idea of how to stop this leak, and they certainly won't be the ones funding and participating in the massive cleanup effort that will be required when the spill has stopped or at least slowed. And given BP's press release today, this spill might not be stopping anytime soon. It's this blind faith in the magical power of engineers and corporations to solve our problems that is so flawed. If we had the magical engineering answer, we would have already stopped the flow. Why are we still waking up to this nightmare? Turns out even the engineers don't know how. Why don't you talk to a chemical engineer working in the oil industry and see what they have to say? I did. They seemed to suggest that BP's system of not hiring their own long term engineers for projects was part of the problem. But she also said that there's really no known way to stop the leak. Engineers are not gods, like the President is not God.

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Government isn’t our enemy

Um... what would be the point of codifying "white, black, indian, asian, or whatever race" in this article? He is talking about a political ideology spouted by the Republican party (though interestingly enough not always practiced by the Republican party). Why would it make a difference what "race" - a very contentious designation - you are?

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New community garden sprouting at West Junior High School

I agree that it is important to instill the idea of community service. But, the kids will only be paid to take care of the garden during the summer, when school is not in session. This is a serious way of making sure the garden, which is big investment of money, materials and labor, stays in good shape, as getting kids to put in the work over the summer on a strictly volunteer basis may fall short of keeping it truly viable (maintaining a large garden and figuring out the sale of produce and keeping the books is a lot of work!) It will be a way of teaching the kids more skills than are generally learned in a volunteer position, which are generally more adult-led than this intends, and will be a way of showing them that horticulture is a field in which they can actually make money, if they so choose. At five hours a week there's time to volunteer to.

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‘Christian terrorism’ is a jarring, but accurate, term

It was not only speech. It was a plot, actually, intended to be carried out. Thankfully someone does not need to die before their would-be murderer is arrested.

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