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Group criticizes Koch brothers; urges Brownback to change course

It is always interesting to me that people like SageonPage talk about America and freedom and rights, but the language they employ to disagree with people is always so abusive, negative and condemning. It just seems that if you really believed in America, rights and our freedom that you might be able to disagree in a way that was both more insightful and kind. In any event, if you are a supporter of the Koch brothers or anyone who is a member of their club, you must be the CEO of a major corporation or you have simply not read enough about them. The Koch brothers have no interest in rights or freedom. The Koch brothers are interested in two things: power and money. They do not care about how any of us are able to earn a living or put food on our table. They are not the least bit interested in maintaining a free America. They subscribe to what President Bush once accidentally uttered in reach of a microphone: "this would all be so much easier if it was a dictatorship".

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