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Turnpike toll collectors to see changes in how many hours they work because of ACA, officials say

Or, fred_mertz, one can act as a citizen and participate in changing and improving a place that they love. I like my job; I like where I live. I dislike the general hostility to workers here and now in Kansas, but that can change. Besides, this country is Balkanized enough.

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Turnpike toll collectors to see changes in how many hours they work because of ACA, officials say

It's too bad that the writer only spoke with officials, rather than someone affected -- and I offered. The phrasings of the missives coming from the KTA are awful, all designed to blame Affordable Care, rather than their careful response to the federal law.

Most recent example: "Effective immediately part time {sic} employees will not be permitted to trade shifts. This is due to the Affordable Care Act. Thank you in advance for your understanding." {verbatim} I'm pretty sure there is nothing written down in Obamacare stating that I can't swap shifts with another collector.

They seem pretty eager to blame the Act, rather than take credit for their own very-well-lawyered response to the Act.

A more cynical, or worldly, person might feel as though the KTA were trying to convince part-timers that, "Hey, some black guy just stole all your money!". And your healthcare. Not me, of course. I have now seen and experienced what an honorable and august institution the KTA has become...perhaps especially under its new leadership.

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Drug testing for Kansas welfare recipients proposed

This would apply to corporate welfare recipients also?

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Solid Waste Task Force likely to propose city-issued recycling cart

This is a very good idea, and well past due. I've lived in communities that practice this sort of recycling and it's amazing how little actual "trash" is produced in a given week. Assuming that all metal, paper, glass and most plastic can go into the recycle bin, trash volume is greatly reduced. And fewer toxins going into the water table, don't forget.

And if you recycle now, count the costs of your time and (likely) gasoline consumed to make the effort. And if you use a private company, consider keeping your dollars in the city, and that the $4.95 you pay is a Netflix-like fee ploy.

I'm stoked about this, and I'm guessing that the people who aren't excited about this now haven't experienced service like this and will have totally forgotten their issues once they realize the absolute convenience of the service, along with the environmental benefit. It's a proper good thing to do, City of Lawrence!

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Introducing the Dear Lawrence community photo project: We need your help!

Despite not having any Pulitzer-worthy images to add to this project, it might be more encouraging if the World Company made explicit its non-ownership of the images, if true and if possible.

More importantly: Hey Nick, what print size and focal lengths work best for this project? They look pretty simple, but getting all of the elements to align correctly might be more of a pain than it appears. Any tips?

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Nick Krug's cats need a new home

Aw man we'd take 'em in Nick, but we're full-up on cats over here -- good luck man, hope you find a good home for them. But remember: a small adoption fee discourages sneaky types looking for animal experimentation subjects! Sorta grisly, but too true. Good luck man!

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Tax caution

Right. Not only do lower taxes make everyone wealthier, healthier and just plain old better off, eliminating more revenue might help us look more like...Houston?

With a little hard work, and of course an absence of corporate taxation, we needn't look to Texas for inspiration for quality of life. We've got our own homegrown inspirations. Like Galena. Or Treece.

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Behind the Lens: The importance of P.A.T.

I enjoy 'em also, Mike -- and that is a very clever shot!

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Brownback announces big changes at Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services

"Time for some investigative reporters to do some digging." Right, except new organizations can't afford it, no longer have a tradition of it, don't have much experience with it, and why bother digging around when so little of the public pays attention?

Besides, reporters want "access", not trouble. I'm still stunned that in them midst of so much blind cutting, no one has bothered to ask Brownback to align his zeal for attacking social programs (too much $) with his family's zeal for sucking up farm subsidies. Gub'ment money, whether state or federal, is still gub'ment money, and therefore evil.

The Koch's have won, at least in this state, and this "news"paper's owner couldn't be happier.

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