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Co-owner of Lawrence's 1900 Barker named James Beard semifinalist

Congrats to Petrehn. But, just as a question of style, why is the word "prestigious" in quote-y marks?

I ask in part because I shot the cover of a magazine that won a JBF journalism award in 2015 (The India Issue, Saveur Magazine), and maybe I'm a simple Kansas rube, but it seemed genuinely prestigious at the time.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

Perhaps we can see some reporting on their severance packages? I understand that two weeks pay for ~20 years service is par.

Lawrence is the poorer for the loss of these sharp and dogged journalists.

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Saturday Column: U.S. needs more quality candidates for public office

We clearly do not have "the best democracy that money can buy". Repealing the ruinous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision would be the best place to start if you mean more qualified candidates representing more flesh and blood citizens. Otherwise, many of the current crop of candidates are doing a great job of representing their benefactors interests. I'm genuinely surprised you don't approve, Dolph.

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Editorial: Irresponsible path

Yeah that's a real head scratcher, eh Dolph? Brownback gives business owners and corporations a huge cash gift and then gives working Kansans the largest tax increase in the history of the state to pay off his gift to his rich donors.

And now he wants your retirement fund.

And your roads. And your schools.

I paid nearly $5,000 in federal taxes this year yet got back nearly $1,000 from the state because of Brownback's wealth redistribution plan -- making the rich richer and the working man poorer. Guess how many people I hired with my tax cut? Zero. I'm a sole proprietor, like so many of the business receiving their tax bonus on the backs of working Kansans.

Guess how unhappy I am to pay my fair share of taxes? Not. At. All. I understand that living in a great state in the greatest country on earth comes at a cost, and I'm happy to pay my fair share, especially when good responsible elected stewards represent us citizens, and create good schools, provide good social services, hire good people to build good roads, and keep the promises they made to the people who keep Kansas going.

If Brownback is what passes for "conservative" these days, I am ashamed. The only thing he works to conserve is his donor class. The rest is just flag-decorated window dressing.

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'Anti-Bloomberg' bill would prohibit cities, counties in Kansas from regulating junk food

* LJWorld is running Shutterstock photo of the Kansas Statehouse...because? Grossly overworked image, at that.

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Letter: On the list


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Lawrence lags behind Topeka, Manhattan on retail options per capita

The tax abatement pre-plea, in news article form. Wonderful.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

So an inept businessperson runs himself out of business and then credits the community with his failure? Sounds like socialism to me...

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Saturday Column: Unrest highlights need for quality law enforcement

What in god's name are you blathering about, Dolph? Are you actually trying to blame Obama for some bad Baltimore cops murdering an illegally detained citizen?

You gotta connect your dots more clearly, son, or some poor fool may read this and think if we don't spend $28M on a new cop shop, our local police won't have any choice but to beat people to death because of poor training and, of course, Obama.

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