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Letter: That’s enough

So it seems the constitution's intent was to allow the average American the right to bear arms to defend themselves against a state militia? Let's think about that one for awhile ............Saddam Hussein had thousands & thousands of Russian tanks, scud missiles, a standing Army of hundreds of thousands, Russian jet fighter planes, Triple AAA anti-aircraft missiles, etc, etc, & the U.S Military destroyed his entire military in about a month & killed tens of thousands of trained soldiers. And the argument is that the average beer drinking Joe who goes out & practice shoots or hunts, who by the way has 0 tanks, 0 jet fighters, 0 Triple AAA Anti-Aircraft, 0 cruise milles, 0 nuclear weapons, 0 B-52 Heavy Bombers, 0 Stealth bombers or fighters, 0 Nuclear Aircraft carriers, 0 Nuclear submarines, O Bazookas, RPG's. Self propelled Howitzers, Wart Hog Gunships, 0 access to hundreds of sensitive military satelitte data (eyes in the sky), the CIA organization & the FBI organization. So tell me again - - the constitution's right allows us citizens to overthrow our government if need be? That's the lamest argument I've ever heard, Are these people for real? I would buy tickets to see these guys go up against the entire U.S.military complex & actually think they are going to win?

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Letter: That’s enough

There was a time when we could proudly call ourselves Americans, & rightly so, but our country has lost it's way when almost every month we see on the nightly news that some American somewhere has went on a rampage & for whatever inexcusable reason goes out & murders dozens of other Americans who are innocent people. What frightens me even more is that I go to work the next day & people do not even mention these events anymore! It has become the norm. I am afraid our soceity has now became immune to these ever more increasing murders - just another day in America. I saw some kids coming in from recess today & I thought to myself I guess we'll be forced to build 15 feet concrete walls around our schoolyards these days with 5 feet of electric barbed wire on the top, bullet-proof all the windows (or no windows at all), have armed guards at every door & gate. How about our school buses? Do we need to put 6 inches of armor on them & bullet-proof their windows? I applaud Dr. Bruner for having the courage to say enough is enough, he is right about that. We cannot be proud to be Americans anymore until this is solved, whatever it takes.

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Should the state put more limits on teachers' collective bargaining rights?

People have forgotten a long time ago that unions gave us the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, Health Insurance, & Retirement pensions .........people literally died to get these benefits. Does anyone really think that businesses gave these benefits to their employees just because they were "nice guys?" Think about it.

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Opinion: Fall of labor unions was inevitable

It is true that after WWII America had the corner on about every market that existed.As our competitors' entire countries lay in ruins, so what did we do? We re-built their countries with the "Marshall Plan." We GAVE them plenty of OUR money & OUR material just so they can build up their big businesses & come over here & take all our damn jobs? Excuse me!! Say What!! Hundreds of thousands of American boys got there heads blown off in Europe & in the Pacific not to mention getting their legs blown off, their arms blown off, their eyesight blown out, all so we could just give it all back to the same people that tried to kill us & take over OUR nation? They bombed Pearl Harbor, killed 2500 of our innocent boys - Would Hitler have followed this same path had he become the victor of the world? Are we just pansies or are we really this stupid? So yes, The once mighty U.S. auot industry that unions helped build the middle class is now gone. Our steel factories gone, (unions out) power plants being closed (unions out), So where do we go from here? We don't go ANYWHERE!! We gave it all away to the very people who declared war on us & we beat them on the battlefield & then we gave it all away to the very people who swore to kill us. Sure we can all get a job at McDonalds making $7 an hour. Thats about $1100 a month. Take away taxes thats about $900 a month. Go ahead! Try it! Get out a calculator & plug in $600 a month for your rent - $200 a month for utilities & now you've got $100 left to make a car payment, buy groceries, buy some shoes & clothes, buy gas (thats about $40 for a fill up), pay Dr bills & Dentist bills - are we starting to see the light yet? So now go tell an auto maker working on the assembly line at 4:00 in the morning on the graveyard shift why he's losing his union job? - Our leaders are Idiots!

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Letter: Pay fors?

The true example of a Hypocrite: He claims to be a "Christian" by taking money away from the poor & giving it to the rich. Jesus said " It is harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle." These are God's words. What bible does he read from? Hypocrite.

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Brownback speaks at religious event

Mr. Brownback is by far the biggest Hypocrite this country has ever seen! He steals food and medical supplies from the very poorest, the most severe helpless, the most severely disabled, the most severely handicapped, & then increases their taxes by 5000%! He then takes what miniscule amounts of money these poor souls have in their bank accounts & directly deposits it into the bank accounts of the Kohl brothers & all of his other Millionaire & Billionaire buddies. He then has the audacity to go to church & pretend he is a "Christian!" You are not fooling ANY Kansan Mr. Brownback! Your actions drown out your pitiful charade of pretending to be a "Christian." The bible I read qoutes Jesus as saying we are to help the poor and the needy .......... what the hell bible are you reading from! Jesus also said "it is harder for a rich man to get to heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle." You better think about these words very hard Mr. "Christian."

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