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Gov. Brownback sets up Humanitarian Commission

Couldn't agree more, you have proven yourself countless times over that you are a heartless piece of dung & a pitiful excuse of a human being. You pretend to be "Christian" on Sunday smiling in church & then the next day you literally take food out of babies mouths - Can someone show me in the bible where Jesus says to kick the poor in the head when they are down & out? Take food away form hungry kids? We all know the jerk that you are so why don't you just shut up with the "Im really a nice guy here trying to help our friends & neighbors" routine. The tickets to that show were thrown away & urinated on a long time ago "brother."

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

Oh gee howdy, a family of 4 can't survive on $6500 a year? Let's see $400 a month might buy you a broken down 50 year old trailer to live in with no insulation, that's $4800 a year, that leaves about $35 a week for utilities, food, clothes, car payment, car insurance, gas, tires, school costs, Dr. bills, Dentist bills, + don't forget that Brownbutt raised taxes on the poor by 5000%. Brownback probably spends $6500 on one of his "non-political" parties at the Governor's mansion where they sit around smoking big cigars, eating caviar, drinking champagne & figuring out more ways to scr*w the poor!

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From Hope to Audacity: The Evolution of President Barack Obama's Rhetoric and the 2012 Election -- 10/24/12 at Woodruff Auditorium, Kansas Union

I don't know about the particulars of the above, but I do know that George W. Bush & not Obama started this mid-east war that has killed & maimed thousands of our kids. All for what? - Oil & Money!
Noboby has bought the hugest lie in history that Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction" based upon Bush's "claim" that there was proof from a "CIA operative in Africa" (who we now know was another outright lie to the American people). Out in California they have hundreds of crosses for kids Killed in Action with Bush's famous taunt "Bring 'em on" sign next to them. I honestly do not know how the man sleeps at night. Of course he wasn't the poor kid on the front line being shot at was he? Nevermind the $Trillions of dollars spent for this calamity. Couple that with ruining the nation's economy by looking the other way while Wall Street was outright robbing our economy of even more $Trillions of dollars - one war not needed (Iraq) + Wall Street = How many $Trillions of dollars stolen from our economy & for what? So Bush's big oil buddies & Wall Street buddies sucked the life out of our economy & made themselves filthy rich. All they did was rob from the poor & middle class & put the same money directly into the bank accounts of the already rich, & now Brownback is doing the exact same thing.

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Letter: Attitude shift

The concept of American citizens having the right to bear arms back in the 1700's made sense. The idea was to have the ability to at least try to overthrow the government if things turned into a dictatorship. However, this is not the 1700's. Even if every American owned fully automatic assault rifles with a thousands of rounds of ammo think about the futility of trying to overthrow our government today. Our "Defense" budget is larger than the next 10 countries put together, our govt has nuclear weapons, biological weapons, nuclear aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, drones, hundreds of satellites, GPS, thousands of warships, bombers, fighter jets, the CIA, the FBI, wiretapping, etc, etc.The NRA & likewise argument of keeping & bearing arms for this purpose is nothing more than fantasia.I can see sport hunting as a right, although I do not partake, however, the only right to have assault weapons is for nut cases to continue slaughtering our innocent babies. Is this really what we want? Every other month innocent people are being gunned down for this long outdated argument for keeping assault weapons - we've got 2 choices; make them illegal or continue to have innocent kids' blood on our hands & I guarantee it will happen again & again. Try sleeping good with that on your concscience.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Lawmakers should focus on nation, not re-election

2 simple things:

1. Two Term limits for ALL congress

2. Make ALL lobbyism illegal

If the American people have the guts to do these 2 things we can take this country back to the people, by the people, for the people, as it was intended to be. No more Billionaire Kock brothers buying Governors & big corporations making all the laws to benefit their bank accounts. Do these 2 things & just maybe we can get the true America back to the people, by the people, & for the people, and not just for the wealthiest 2%.

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