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Editorial: Medicaid equation

Here's the deal: Obamacare is here to stay! The Supreme Court did not throw it out & say it was illegal -in fact they said IT IS LEGAL!! Then after all of Mr. Romney's songs & dances & rhetoric to save America from the one eyed purple monster, did not work, the country once again said a resounding "yes" to Obamacare last November!, otherwise, the country would have thrown Obama out on his nose & Mr. Romney would be the hero of the day - But, that fairy tale did not happen! Right? So why are you people still living the fairy tale that's already left the station with you stumbling around in circles mumbling to yourselves? Wake up!Obamacare is here to stay! Is it all at getting through any of your warped heads yet?

I think Mr. Simons actually did an eloquent job of of saying to our wonderful,but clueless, leaders in Topeka, that "It's Time To Wake UP & Smell The Coffee boys & girls!" You're 2 bit carnival show is over & people have left the auditorium! Thousands & thousands of your neighbors - most of them being very good people who have had terribly serious health problems - are suffering!! And you are their "Representatives" who apparently are telling them to eat cake! You people are scum! Get off your damn high horse & help those in need! Hmmmm, I think a guy named Jesus said something along those lines - you do go to Church every Sunday along with Brownie right? Maybe it's time for some remedial bible stories, you can start in the children's section & work your way up!

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Before Obamacare we had something like 35 million people with no health insurance - this is a national disgrace! Obviously the current system is BROKEN (unless of course you're wealthy, then there is no problem, right?). You have to make less than $5000 a year to be on Medicaid - what moron wrote this bill? (a group of cold-hearted Republicans who have plenty of money is most likely). It probably costs more than that to feed yourself a year let alone pay for rent, utilities, doctor's bills, dentist bills, prescriptions, & forget about owning a vehicle. The truth is most people are forced to move in with relatives, which can cause family problems, makes the poor person feel like they are worthless & being a hardship on their family (if they even have a family) , rips away whatever little dignity they have left. There actually are people in this state who are blind, cannot walk, cannot talk, these Republicans & Mr. Browneye should try living their lives for one month & they would quickly change their tunes! How about having the poor people making less than $5000 a month be in charge of telling Mr. Browneye & the Republicans in Topeka how much money they are allowed to have per year?!

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Letter: Fitting photo

Every person in Kansas knows that he lies through his teeth & only cares about the millionaires. I say the JW photo is actually entirely too flattering, he should be wearing a pinochio nose. They've put his picture on the dartboards at the bars, the last time that happened it was Bin Ladin's face. Also, like the afro, actually looks better than the current Conway Twitty style.

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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

Funny we havn't heard a word from our illustrious Governor about this one? The poor get their taxes increased by 5000% so they can subsidize these multi-millionaires who don't pay any taxes at all. It makes me sick to my stomach. The rich are all in bed together & everyone knows it while the middle class gets their unions & benefits stripped away from making a decent living & the poor & middle class pay for the ever higher sales taxes for groceries so they can eat (God forbid). But do not worry folks because Mr. Brownback will be at church on Sunday before the cameras so everyone knows he is a "Christian" man who helps & feeds the poor as Jesus taught him to do, right?

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Business, labor clash over bill aimed at restricting union politicking

People easily forget that members of labor unions back in the '20's & 30's literally gave their lives so most people now enjoy a 40 hour work week, overtime pay, vacation days, sick leave days, health insurance, & retirement pensions. Does anyone really think that businesses gave these benefits to workers just because they were "nice guys?" Each time the Koch brothers buy another governor or congressman they are one step closer to repealing all these benefits. People take these benefits for granted. Kansans better wake up and smell the coffee or all those benefits that most Kansans enjoy, and take for granted, will be as gone as the dinosaurs ! Kansans better think about this. ..... this is the first step by the Koch brothers and their bought and paid for thugs to repeal all these benefits that Americans DIED for. ..... are you ready to die to get them back again once these benefits are gone? They did it in Wisconsin and now they're doing it here !! Kansans better start paying attention .... is this really what the majority voted for? Think about your kids and grandkids.

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