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Town Talk: Lawrence start-up hopes to become major online auto site; Civil War tombstones getting attention; Black Jack festivities set for June; Brown Bag concerts return

never understood why the franklin cemetary has been allowed to grow up in such total disrepair, i would think there would be a lot of historical info out there

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NBA riches await Josh Selby

Just glad he did'nt waste any of that talent while here. Would have been a shame to use some of it up before the big payday.

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UCLA’s Howland speaks with NCAA

Money says we'll end up in the same bracket come tourney time

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KU's Josh Selby meets media for first time in long time

Dear NCAA,
Yes we know you are all knowing and seeing.
Yes we know you are in control.
No we have not now, or ever doubted your greatness.
Yes we love you even though we cannot see you behind that large curtain.
Yes we know you love the drama created of those lives you hold in your hands.
now could you please get off the pot and make a desision!

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With $2.95 million offer, couple outbid development group for prime property near Lecompton interchange

wonder what roa was on the sale since i guess she will get half the money back since she owned half of the land to begin with?

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No criminal charges to be filed against man accused of blackmailing KU Athletics Director Lew Perkins

jehovah_bob (anonymous) says…
Ethics? Pff . . .

This country wasn't built on ethics.

I thought they said it was built on Rock and Roll

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Jury finds Briggs Auto Group not liable in fatal Cat Tracker accident

as with joe college, will she now have to pay brigg's legal fees?

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Oread hotel looking to close streets for football block parties

so now they want to go head to head with big Lou over the tailgate revenues KU has spent so much to siphon out of the downtown. or are they working together to get the rest of the downtown merchants peice of the pie.

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Democrats’ support for Obama wanes

lounger (Anonymous) says… He inherited an awful mess from Bush.

I thought he asked to be put in charge of all the problems so he could fix them. he spent how much $$$ to get this job so own up and do it. quit whining about the bad bad people that use to have it.
Tired of the blame game from both sides.

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