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100 years ago: Lawrence minister starts new pulpit fashion

I looked up Reverend Frank Herron Smith and saw that he spent about 20 years as a missionary in Japan and Korea. He came back to the states and worked with the Japanese churches near San Francisco. When WWII came he spoke against the internment camps for the Japanese and even worked with those that were held in the camps. When he was delivering his last sermon in Lawrence he had no idea what was ahead of him.

I really do enjoy these articles. Lots of interesting information

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100 years ago: Ministers and newspapermen to meet on baseball diamond

I am in agreement with everyone here. I love these articles the most. There were no nurses in Lawrence in 1913? Who knew?

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Journal-World wins 34 Kansas Press Association awards of excellence

I don't live in Lawrence anymore but I enjoy reading the online edition of the Journal World. Shaun Hittle deserves lots of praise but so does the whole staff for keeping the newspaper going in difficult times. Congratulations!

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Bear-ly worth celebrating: KU blown out by Baylor but ties for Big 12 crown

If the opposition has a good quick guard who can score and play defense we are in trouble. Elijah cannot move fast enough offensively or defensively to make a difference.The Big 12 is down this year and we struggled to tie for the conference title. I think Self has done a great job to get these guys where they are but the Big 12 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament look like uphill battles for this team to me.

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Opinion: KU's edge missing against Baylor

This years team is good but just lacks intensity that many other Self teams have had. I project that they will make it to Sweet Sixteen but it ends there. I think the Big 12 is down this year and we weren't good enough to win the title outright. That does not bode well either in the Big12 Tournament or NCAA tourney.

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Lawrence couple build an eco-friendly, round home

Let's give these people a break. They didn't ask to have this article written. They are just doing something different and the Journal World reported on it. Eco-friendly is a description not exactly a defined term.

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100 years ago: Heads or tails? KU girl chose unusual method to select husband

I have a feeling that Ciddie was a little crazy and made up her Brazillian Count. Her husband that won probably found this out and got out of the marriage as quickly as possible. No ability to fact check a story like this in 1913 but I am sure she was an interesting person. It would be neat to see what happened to her.

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100 years ago: Local auto club urges state to create roads legislation

Would love to know the backstory of Mae Hadley and Louis LaTour. It has to be interesting. Are there any other stories in the future that mention it?

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Kansas football won’t be fixed quickly

I have been a fan of KU football since the 70's and this statement has been made over and over with every coach. How many coaches since 1970 have a winning record in the last 42 years. The answer is one....Mark Mangino and we ran him off because he was too tough on his players. Let's look at the list of coaches who all have a below .500 winning % since 1970. Pepper Rodgers, Don Fambrough, Bud Moore, Bob Valensente, Glenn Mason, Terry Allen, and Turner Gill. This is every head coach since Jack Mitchell. The odds are that Charlie Weiss will be just another footnote in the history and yes he deserves the opportunity to "fix" it but the question is can it be "fixed" and in a permanent way?

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Border Warriors prove mettle

Well written article. I had the opportunity to be there and it was the best atmosphere I have ever seen. We went from despair to joy in a short period of time...it was awesome.

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