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State refunds being issued in a timely manner this year

I also think it's a lie. We filed in Feb and still no refund. I don't know anyone who has received one from the state.

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Police investigating death of 25-year-old Lawrence man at The Oread hotel

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Free State Brewery's success built on humble beginnings of founder Chuck Magerl


This is a short documentary my friends and I did on local breweries when we were in school at KU.

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Straight-line winds cause damage to property in rural areas of Douglas County

I think you are exactly right Cheeseburger. While I appreciate the conservative use of tornado sirens, it seems like they never sound in Douglas county. And when officials fail to use them when it may be useful, they call it a "microburst". Just my theory anyway...

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Should marijuana be legalized?

I'm not saying that that isn't the reason that some people may smoke it, but I have never know anyone to smoke pot beacuse it is illeagal and/or 'taboo'. Not even when I was in High School. To be perfectly honest, I don't think it's even that taboo, you just don't want to get caught by the law. (ps I don't smoke)

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Driving decency

Yesterday I had two incidents happen.

#1 I was driving north on Iowa coming up on the intersection of 23r and Iowa when some girl in a white car went from the far right lane all the way to the far left turning lane. Luckily I saw her and was able to slow down. If I had not she would have hit me and sent me into the first turning lane and those cars into the next lane and then those cars into oncoming traffic. Now that's the kind of crap that HAS to stop. Serveral people could have been seriously hurt.

#2 I was driving west on 9th when the car in front of me turned. I appropriately slowed and once they had completed that turn I began to drive again. A bicyclist, who should have stopped at the STOP sign pulled out and yelled at me " Sure, act like you know how to drive" I'm sorry sir, YOU need to learn to drive. Stop thinking you can tango with a car and while you are at it, get rid of that superior attitude. You are lucky I saw you.

Whew, feels good to get that out. That is all.

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New community garden sprouting at West Junior High School

I think it is a great idea and truly hope it works as planned. I would love to see schools grow produce to be used for their lunches. Not only would it make school food healthier, something like this could even be a vital part of keeping costs within budget.

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19-year-old who suffered brain damage during dental procedure files lawsuit

SRJ- The family was probably waiting until the last minute to file. This is frequently what happens. I don't know the specifics, but I know for some legal reasons it is often beneficial to do that.

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