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Two Lawrence men arrested after altercation at Sixth and Kasold shopping center

I’m sure it was an innocent accident. They may have not known the pipe was routed behind the section they were working on. You and I were not there so it is irresponsible to call names. At least they were correcting the problem as fast a they could.

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Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes appears in court with orange hair

Oldbaldguy: You need to be careful when you say semi-automatic weapons. You did mention some “AKs, ARs”. But then you will get shotguns and pistols mixed in. I don’t see any problem owning a AK or AR. I have an SKS and a M-4. I have the M-4 because that is what we use in the military and the AK is a low cost weapon to shoot. This guy was just crazy and there was obviously no one there to stop him. I have a CCP and I do carry everywhere I can go with it. I don’t go into a business that I can’t carry in due to the fact that business just took away my ability to defend myself and others. That is why I will no longer be going to the Southwind theater. They now have a no CCP sign in the window, like that will stop the criminals from going in. If people want to hurt other they will find other ways to do it even if they have to find a sharp stick.

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Romney stuck in cold war thinking

I'm not sure where you are getting your facts about us killing hundreds of thousand of there own people? That would be the insurgents doing that. Just look at the 6 children in Afghanistan killed by an IED placed to kill Afghan soldiers. I don't think you know what you are talking about. I do, due to the fact I just spent nine months there. And just for the record. We protect other countries boards better than our own.

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Romney stuck in cold war thinking

Paul R. Getto: I just got back from Afghanistan. And I take offence from what you just said. I can tell you for a fact that this administration has done more to tie our hands on what we should be doing. A lot of the people running the country right now NEVER saw any military duty. Just because you did not serve does not mean you will be a good or bad President. It just turns out the person leading the country sucks at his job. I think he has played more rounds of golf than days in the office. He has taken more vacations than any other sitting President. I guess he new he would only be a one term President.

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Romney stuck in cold war thinking

So what if Romney has found a tax free place to put some money. There are plenty of Americans that have done the same thing, including people on Obama’s staff and committees. Romney paid his taxes on the money when he made it. The tax records he has released proved it. Now the Democrats want more tax returns in hopes they can find some kind of discrepancy. He put in the work and became profitable. That is the American dream. It’s time to give Romney a chance. I’m sure he can’t do any worse for sure. You are just spouting hearsay and discontent. Hope you like your Kool-Aid.

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