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Prayer in Kan. House decries abortion

I am highly disturbed by the faith-based dogmatism evident on this message board, in a debate that should be scientifically based. We are, after all, talking about medical procedures here. Here are some examplesof what I am talking about:(These gems are from Logicsound04)"You may believe that fetuses are entitled to the same rights as people, but no amount of arguing or justification will turn a fetus into a person.""My point is that comparing the two situations based on that similarity is meaningless because in one, an actual person is being denied “person” status, while in the other, no person is being denied “person” status."And my personal favorite:"it is a fact: a fetus is not a person. Period."And from hujiko:"God isn't real, you will die alone. Enjoy."And from kmat:"Your religious views shouldn't dictact [sic] what I do with my body! Period!!!"And from edjayhawk:"The “culture” of the Catholic church is to molest young children and cover it up, promote heavy breeding, especially Latinos, so they grow up in poverty and no future, and persecute those that don't follow their doctrine like abortion."And Connacht:"What our representatives choose to do in private regarding religion is their own business and right, but forcing it on others crosses a line, both legally and morally."And Multidisciplinary:"To hold to the belief that some of those children might have grown up to be someone who made major, and I'm talking MAJOR contribution to society, is just plain silly."Since at least one of you have the audacity to include the word "logic" in your screenname, I would suggest that you learn the difference between logic and dogmatic statements. When you say "X is true(or false), period", that is not logic, it is a dogmatic statement. The primary (and in most cases only) justification for the above statements is that the writer believes they are true. Thus we have faith-based dogmatism. What would be rational is to prove WHY "X is true(or false)", using reasonable arguments. These posts are laugh-out-loud funny - the "logical", "scientific" bloggers march out against the forces of religious dogmatism, attacking ignorance with...wait for it...dogmatic statements!! But wait, you say, they must be logical and scientific and intellectual: because they say they are! Look! The word "logic" is even part of one of their screennames! Could it get any funnier? Chesterton had it right: we have left the age of reason and moved into the age of dogmatism. Sigh...I am a KU grad who does not live in Kansas anymore. I wish those of you who do would stop proving the negative stereotype of Kansans as intellectually backward dogmatic zealots.

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