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Brownback rings Kansas bell to mark King speech

Brownie does not ring the bell. He only holds onto the string. LOOK at his inaction. It's disgusting.

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Letter: Guns in church

It cannot be enforced but it can be obvious. Make it obvious and be at peace with your means of doing so.

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Letter: Guns in church

...or of pure inanity and insanity...

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Letter: Guns in church

This letter seems opposed to a need to post a sign that guns are not allowed. I understand that posting a sign seems to come as an affront to the sensibilities of a congregation or a "church", but such an "affront" need not BE an affront unless the sensibilities of the congregation are more important than any message of assumptions. Leaders are able to tell their congregation that they do not want anyone to carry (concealed or exposed) a weapon into their church. Is that not good enough? There is no need for a worthless sign unless the leaders determine that it is of use. No sign has any power unless there is a power beyond the sign. They may as well post a sign that nobody is allowed in their church that has not been approved by the church, but neither sign will guarantee that people holding a gun will not enter.

I think that they are perfectly free to post no sign. I think that they have a right to do so or not. I think that it will make no difference. I don't see grievous harm coming from posting a sign or not. I see confusion and fear. Is fear to be coddled or dismissed? There is no indication, in my mind, that either coddling or dismissing will do anything...but soothe the desires of patrons. Nothing else will come of it.

Do what you will. Do what you want. Do what you must. Don't expect a different outcome from your choosing whether or not to post a piece of paper, lam(b)inated or not.

I suggest asking your congregation not to carry weapons, and acknowledging that they live in a world run by another congregation, run by greed and foolishness beyond the tenets of their belief.

...or not...

It makes no difference unless you MAKE it make a difference. I wish you luck with that, but think it will make no difference...just the same...all the we're all in the same boat...on the same roiling the same magical time of instability...and fear the needs that are never recognized.

Gun violence is borne of despair, poverty and a culture of hopelessness...or af pure insanity. Fix that. Forget about a "sign".

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Prosecutors, defense attorneys clash over proposed changes to Hard 50 law

I think we should be concerned that the prison system has become a massive, privatized, public funds sucking business...intent on keeping people in prison. Each prisoner represents great profit to these leeches. Every year that these people are kept in the "system" earns these "businesses" big money and guarantees these prisoners will return as more skilled criminals once released, as they will be taught nothing but how to better develop their criminal skills. It is a perfect business model of captured and dangerous consumers, payed for by government (OUR) dollars.

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Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships

VERY nice work...and playing...

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

Do you not, YOURSELF, see the applications of drone technology? What exists now is not what will exist and we are not privy to the applications and capabilities that exist now. Remain in the dark, but you will be seen.

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

What? They can't look in windows? They can't create heat visions of persons behind walls? I think you may want to reconsider the ever-increasing power of the drone.

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

Who are "The Lawrence elite" and how, exactly, did they manage to fix this discrimination issue? Did it affect your life? Did fixing this "non-existent" issue cause you pain or cost you dollars? Your comment is lame.

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

Fixing problems that have no valuable results, often results in the masses' perception of having problems fixed...all the while ignoring real problems. They do what's easy to make them seem as if they're working hard to fix things...while fixating upon their income and the income of their corporate support system.

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