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Filings lay out arguments in gay marriage case

Wow. Is it appropriate for you to be contemplating and commenting on such things? Get your mind out of other people's toilet bowls! Keep it in your own!

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Kansas Gov. Brownback wins tough re-election race vs. challenger Davis

The misplaced arrogance is strong in this one.

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Letter: Angry at results

You just don't (or pretend NOT to) GET IT and take your high and mighty attitude to the point of lock-step, stubborn braying. You APPEAR to be a somewhat dishonest individual. The fight is not with YOU. The fight is with those UNIDENTIFIED entities that you respect MORE than Leslie! They are the ones ruling our world. You prove again and again that you are, or are willing to be, a servant of their cabal.

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Letter: Angry at results

You look good in high and mighty coat of one color...NOT!~)

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Letter: Angry at results

Anyone can vote for anyone. You're wrong to assume that all vote ONLY for candidates from their party. This is not true. If it is true then the system is messed up and people are too foolish to realize that it is messed up. The only party line is that one "party" must rule the world. ---Garth: "Party on, Wayne." Wayne: "Party on, Garth."--- We're all at the same party.

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Letter: Angry at results

That's just (w)hol(l)y war soldier weird. Are you wearing a brown shirt right now?

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Big 12 water conference to feature public panel discussion on aquifer depletion

This is a "MAJOR challenge", almost everywhere, and always has been. Who "owns" water and who should? Are those who don't "own" it slaves? It seems so. Is slavery legal? It seems that it currently is, and it seems that it always has been this way...and WRONG. We are slaves, and soon we will be as expendable as the chaff of grains, surviving as pawns of wealth or dying in the hatred filled atmosphere or neglect of privileged men. There will be a crumple UP effect, but those with money and no rules will always take the game. Go team! Fight! Win! Learn to survive without slaves. We will all fall to the remains of the "best and brightest". We will fall to the mercenaries and slaves that selfish 'crats can "create" with their policies, deep pockets, "laws" and force. Life is frackin' good!~)

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Letter: Angry at results

And all that matters is that Obama won the presidency, if only by one vote? Do you AGREE WITH THAT? Do your like-minded souls agree with that?

If you declare Brownback as your governor, WHEN YOU DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM, then you are a traitor to your very soul. That's as blind a patriotism as any country has ever seen. Kansas isn't the army and you are no soldier. Why didn't you vote for him? Why don't you despise the political ferrets within our midst?

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Letter: Angry at results

But it kinda works out that way...

Do you not agree?

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Letter: Angry at results

I agree, too... more with Eileen than you. Facts do NOT come into play in our current political system. All see "facts" on one side, but not the other. All see it staged by the fishy moneyed percentage mongers, but all fail to take notice. Some are inclined, on a declining and slippery chute, to appreciate the braying and trumpeting of released donkeys and elephants, forced to stampede into an arena where they are payed homage to, by some, and whipped by moneyed massas into creating an environment where they will reap great sums and we can believe that the world will be fixed by (bought) politicians encased in the current political environment. It will not happen. That is not the goal of the moneyed massas. Until we can ACTUALLY come closer to a democratic system, we will never have real elections. There CAN BE NO secret Superpacs in our political system. The fact that there IS, indicates that we have not been diligent in overseeing the process. We have, NEGLIGENTLY, accepted that we will only have the lies of carnival hucksters and devious advertisers, fooling around and around and around...a dizzying force...a carnival of mad men thieves, stealing whatever is available and whatever free will we will away, within our targeted masses. Thereby, they run, rule and ruin our lives. Enjoy your slavery. All will always receive...ONLY what is demanded...and then far less. SOME countries have ONLY demanded almost everything YOU have. You poor enslaved babies. This is the way of our world. There are no real countries in First World Games. We have the same "process" here...as is in every rude and treacherous country on this planet. We are North Korea! We are your worst NIGHTMARE...unless...we...in this country and all others...agree to be neighbors and friends...SMITING those who are brazenly SELFISH! is it hard to identify those braying Equus ferus caballus!~)
WHAT IS WRONG with this place! The defining illness is the golden calf (Oh, jeepers, we gots cows and horsies involved now). THAT is why "citizens" need to control the political system! Our political system is broken TO FIX PROFIT...for the few! Vote to FIX THAT...if you can. Good luck. I give up.

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