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Kansas, two other states deny gay marriage despite appellate rulings

Brownback is a political twerker, dancing rudely in his desire to please the lowest order of politically felonious scum. It must hurt the man and cause a rash of dissatisfaction among the cave and castle dwelling Deletists he desires to please and please and please.

What a Dick Cheney...

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Letter: Hate speech

never mind...

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Kansas Supreme Court justices grill lawyers during school finance appeal

The reprobates have decided that the education of our future citizens is not justiciable, in an attempt to eradicate useful education for those who cannot pay for private schools. Their "justice" is no more "justiciable" than their eradication of public education.

A directive to continue our current class system is not justiciable. It is an attempt to further subjugate their erstwhile "subjects", in their ever-present attempt to steal/control wealth and power. It is an evil plan, to earn some accepted and surfeit, righteous indignation in their power and their injusticiable knowledge...of our inevitable demise and the coming of their lording over all.

It is despicable.

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23rd and Iowa, 23rd and Ousdahl improvements up for discussion at City Hall

Ooooh... sometimes crazy talk sounds Gooooood...

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What is your least favorite fashion trend?

UMMM...being fashionable.

I have been known to wear tight, low rider jeans and a "Squirrels Gone Wildl" sweatshirt...BUT!!!, since I wore them to be unfashionable, I think it's OK.

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Anthropology Department opposes leave for Guth

OOPS. Your warped imagination is showing...and sounding like "hate speech".

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

The tweet basically said "What if it were your family dying, you gun loving miscreants? What would you think, THEN?"

I think it's a view of the 1 or 12 or 22 percent. I think it's probably not valid. I actually think it's foolish.

I DO NOT think it is grounds for dismissal.

When people die, it makes people feel vulnerable. It makes people hate. That's the way it is.

The way it is is ALSO that people speak their minds about such mind boggling
atrocities. The way it is is that people want to control things that can't be controlled. This leads to cant. Let's not let it lead to punishing emotion and belief.

Professor Guff tried to get people to feel his emotion. He tried to express his emotion in a way that his "opponents" would understand. He may have failed in that quest but the anger that came from his response is as disproportionate as his response and delving into the simple complexities of driving emotion used by his "opponents". His bullet points were not bullets. He simply spoke with the emotion that he despises. it is not a crime. It is not something which should end his career (his current life). Get one. Get a life. This is the messy world we all have created. This is the world we live in. This is not a game. This is living and dying...without the control that we should have. We have been taught to be vicious in retort to try and fix things. This JOURNALISM is what we have ALL created. Fix it and get over it.

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Letter: Guns in church

He used hands and arms that could turn over the tables of a den of robbers in the temple ...

He had fire arms.

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City to consider limiting dogs in public cemeteries

I thought that, in most public areas, dogs are allowed to be unleashed if wearing and "electronic collar". I believe downtown is off limits but wasn't aware that public cemeteries were not a place where e-collars confer no "running free" privileges.

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