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"Rules of Basket Ball" museum to get a name; Burt Hall to be razed

I really hope that when they say north east corner, they aren't referring to the area of trees that have been there for years and are a big part of the landscape! The area near where the students line up to get into the game?

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

CC is probably Corpus Chrisi. Glad to hear the fire is out and no houses were damaged!

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Town Talk: Rumblings that Freebirds Burritos coming to downtown; city finally set to hear appeal of 9th and N.H. project; new report estimate $11.8 M in incentives for project

1. We don't need yet another mexican-themed restaurant in Lawrence, let alone downtown. If this space is going to be utilized for a restaurant rather than retail (which is preferred) why not invest in a space more original? How about an authentic German restaurant in Lawrence? Lawrence has such an international flair, and many Europeans reside here.

2. We don't need to build another hotel/retail space. We need to fill the currently empty retail spaces on Massachusetts. Why don't the owners of the already existing apartment buildings in the area and the Arts Center take a share in that vacant lot and spruce it up, creating a beautiful and peaceful green space for the community and all those apartment residents. It would be a draw for the apartments, to have a green space so close by and a benefit to downtown as well. Plant some trees, people could sponsor some benches (and trees), perhaps a nice fountain. Movies could be projected against the Arts Center during the summer for people to enjoy - which would be another draw of revenue to downtown. A green space/park doesn't bring a lot of revenue directly, but would be a valuable investment to guests downtown as well as nearby residents. I think Compton should consider such an investment as an investment into the existing buildings, etc. What good are so many buildings/apartments when there is no green space nearby?

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Sound Off: What is the city code regarding smoking outside of a restaurant? How far do smokers have

I would greatly appreciate the enforcement of this smoking ban along the outdoor seating of restaurants. Though I would love to sit outside to enjoy my dinner or a drink, I am severly allergic to cigarette smoke and with smokers all outside, I have to stay inside. Who has the "right" to take away my fresh air? Nobody. I've enforced some of my own 'non-smoking' areas before and was successful, people are courteous if you ask.

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Town Talk: CVB has hopes of attracting 12,000 for "Color Run" in downtown; design details on rec center emerging; East Lawrence project requesting 95 percent tax rebate

Sign me up for the Lawrence Color Run! :-) I hope this all comes together! Oh, and I'd also appreciate the turf field for indoor soccer at the new rec center.


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Heard on the Hill: Tales of the Rock Chalk 'woo' go far and wide; co-founder of KU School of Medicine-Wichita dies; journalist Candy Crowley to speak Feb. 10

I'd like to add to the issue people are having with the "woo" in the Rock Chalk Chant. It's great that people are taking action on something they feel doesn't belong; however, why can't we have this reaction to the disrespectful "CHIEFS" shouted at the end of the National Anthem at Allen Fieldhouse? Why cheer on the Chiefs, at a KU Men's basketball game, in the almighty Fieldhouse? It's unnerving why people feel the need to do this and I feel that eradicating this will be much more useful and appreciated by everyone. Are there not more people disturbed by this?

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Lawrence man dies in I-70 crash east of Lawrence

Are there any updates on the traffic in that area?

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One person dead following all-terrain vehicle accident in field east of Baldwin City

I have never met Preston but have known his step-mom for a long time and have always heard many wonderful things about him, his good, strong character, and how personable and kind he was to others. May he rest in peace and may all the strength and gentle kindness be with his family through this time.

My sn is the "original" JHawker - I cannot see the hurtful comments made above and am saddened to see that person's screen name is similar to mine.

We'll remember the infectious smile and personality of Preston Scheibler. RIP.

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What was your favorite school lunch?

I never ate a full school lunch, always had a delicious sack lunch meal: slice of bread with meat or cheese, slice of bread with something sweet, a fruit and a yoghurt or pudding. Along with a container for milk. Then again, when there was something I did want, like tater tots or pizza, I would craftfully trade some of my lunch. I always had the good sweets, straight from our Dutch kitchen.. chocolate sprinkles, nutella, you name it :-)

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What was your favorite school lunch?

mmm those chocolate chip cookies were amazing... and def worth the wait to skip all the ones that were no longer soft and gooey :-)

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