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Town Talk: Sand plant plans up for approval, but second plant may soon apply for Kaw Valley location; T-shirt company fills large N. Lawrence building; longtime city staffer wins Trail Blazer award

Nope, I wasn't living in Lawrence at that time. Came to Kansas in 1970. But, it is nice to know how places started out.

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Town Talk: Sand plant plans up for approval, but second plant may soon apply for Kaw Valley location; T-shirt company fills large N. Lawrence building; longtime city staffer wins Trail Blazer award

* A very nice recognition for Margene. She has done an excellent job through the years.
* The old Roger's IGA started life as a Rusty's IGA (as in Rusty Springer) but you may not have been born yet, Chad. It was a great neighborhood store under both names. Maybe someday North Lawrence will get its own grocery store. Lots of people from southern Jefferson and Leavenworth Counties travel through the area daily which should help the demographics.

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Town Talk: Newest multi-story building plan proposes roundabout for Ninth and New Hampshire; city urging residents to get trash cart requests in before Monday; weekly land transfers

Okay, no one really mentioned the buses. Where will they stop/park. I cannot believe the developers will want them in the current location (moved there during the development of 901 New Hampshire) as they are pretty noisy and there is usually a fairly large group waiting to ride. Also, what about the building at 120 E 9th? Most of the parking lot actually belongs to the owners of that property. Just saying - two items not mentioned in the conversation.

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City leaders get clearer picture of rec center

Ernie meant to say Youth Volleyball Leagues. There are adult leagues most weekday nights and in the fall there is a "league" for 4th - 5th graders of beginning players coached by parents on Sunday afternoons,

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Town Talk: New report recommends city scrap plans to use Santa Fe Depot as bus hub; city to study sites outside of downtown for transit hub; Lawrence is 7th most affordable city for summer cookouts

Is anyone really surprised that Compton and Company don't want a Transit Hub near any of their developments downtown? The stops were moved from the original locations to the current ones when the Big Compton Structure was built on the southwest corner of 9th & New Hampshire (at taxpayer expense). Now they want it moved yet again (at taxpayer expense) to accommodate their new building plans. When is enough, enough? Let Compton and Company pay for this and let's not give them any financial breaks either. Enough is enough!

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SRS Secretary Siedlecki steps down, returning to Florida

Happy trails to Bob...we hope never to meet again.

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Town Talk: Preservationists surprised by odd move of Varsity House; University National's merger with Wichita bank scrapped; why no love for Roosevelt's Lawrence fountain speech?

Wow! The UNB/Equity merger was due to be effective on 12/12/ 11. I bank there (but not much) and had received all the info. I hate the way the employees were being treated. If I were they, I would keep looking for a new position, elsewhere, as there is no guarantee this won't happen in the future. The story going around: when the merger was announced, Sutherland called a meeting and advised everyone of the plan and stated that he would have a job. Nice.

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Town Talk: Natural Grocers set to open Nov. 11; a laundromat set for The Malls; a recreation center at Sixth and the SLT?

Chad - keep it up.....you will be using the new laundromat lots!!! Wife jokes...LOL

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No thanks

Giving back federal $$$$ -----pretty darn stupid! An influx of that kind of money would have helped in many ways: jobs, more insurance options, jobs, possible lower health insurance costs, jobs, helping the Kansas Insurance Department implement needed services, jobs...what more can I say? Oh, yeah, let's elect somebody else for Governor next time. After all, this is the Land of Oz and I am sure there is a scarecrow with a brain somewhere out there over the rainbow. Brownback doesn't even have a heart. So sad for our wonderful state.

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