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Teachers, district reach tentative deal on pay

It would be nice if the public understood that early dismissal on Wednesday is only for the students. Staff members are still working the same amount of time as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This is time for staff to collaborate and improve instruction for the students.

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Crash injures motorcyclist on K-10 in Eudora

The cable barriers are scheduled to be installed this fall, from what I last heard. They are great for crossover accidents, but they aren't as great for bikers (and would have done nothing in this accident).


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Teachers ask district for $3,250 pay boost

Teachers do work full days on Wednesdays. The 1.5 hours without students is built in for teachers to collaborate and attend trainings in order to better serve your students.

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Eudora officer injured in K-10 accident

Yea... When your profession is to write, you might consider proofreading BEFORE publishing.

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Firm maps out school consolidation group's proposals

The proposal is to build a new school on the southeast corner of 15th and Haskell. There are two houses there that they would like to buy and then level. The East Heights building would remain intact for B&GC.

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Girl Scouts change cookie tactics

It's interesting that they mentioned parents being stuck with the bill multiple times in this article. This is precisely the problem with their new strategy. They are definitely selling more cookies by having immediate availability, but then parents are going to stop participating in cookie sales because they can't afford to take a loss. GSA needs to reevaluate.

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First Bell: District employees to receive bonuses during holiday season; Raintree Montessori student lands art in KDHE calendar; First Bell on winter break

Just for everyone who is going to gripe about public employees getting a "bonus"... this is because the school board's "courtesy" and budget did not extend to actually giving the district employees a raise. Which, as Mark stated, would have extended to next years salary.

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Unusually shiny donation in Salvation Army kettle could ‘help a lot of families’

My initial thought was also that it had fallen out of a setting - but the original article says that it was found wrapped in a napkin. That sounds purposeful to me.

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First Bell: District still accepting applications for consolidation working group; LHS annex awaits plastic wrap; negotiators agree that agreement should be read

I agree that a PDF copy in an email, receipt requested, would be the ideal way to approach this. Even with a "reader's digest version" it is going to be an immense amount of paper that most teachers will just throw out.

I hope they at least consider shrinking the font and printing front/back...

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A 10-inch waterline installed in 1922 by the city. The 10-inch pipe has about five to six inches of

Do residents have tap water flowing through these pipes?

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