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Alleged victim in Collins case speaks out through attorney

OK. Sorry I misunderstood you, Multidisciplinary.I guess I've heard and read too many people mocking Mrs. Brown, lately, and vociferously defending Collins without much substance behind their arguments.

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Alleged victim in Collins case speaks out through attorney

I fail to see the humor there Multidisciplinary. I suppose you figure the Google ads are absurd and that somehow proves or at least underlines how absurd Wisler's statement must be?I fail to see how that refutes what he said at all. What he said sounds pretty much in line with the other information that has come out.Collins apparently didn't realize it at first. He didn't mention it in the earlier stories. His defense then was that he just didn't know what his responsibilities were. Later, Coach Self got involved and proffered the excuse that he hadn't responded because he was busy visiting his sick father and just let this slide.Now a couple days later he hires a new legal team and suddenly they blame it on some unnamed lawyer that he thought was handling it from him all along.To be honest with you, Collins' story sounds far more comical to me than Wisler's.

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Collins' lawyers answer lawsuit

20 June 2008 at 4:39 p.mdenak : I think you are probably going to win this bet although I do not really understand how he can claim "excusable neglect."=====================Actually, the standard is much more lenient than that, at least according to this article which states:"In his motion, Collins' attorneys argue that legal standards for setting aside the judgment have been met. The law allows for instances of "mistakes, inadvertence : or inexcusable neglect.""======It shouldn't be hard for a high powered law firm to show that there was "inexcusable neglect". ;)

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Collins' lawyers answer lawsuit

19 June 2008 at 4:19 p.m.geniusmannumber1: "But to accuse any of the parties of vile, inhuman behavior makes us all poorer for being subjected to it."===================Certainly accusing either of the parties here is a bit iffy. On the other hand it would appear that at least one of them is quite a scoundrel. One of them is lying and is being quite cruel to the other party. There doesn't seem to be any chance of a middle ground where "He's OK, She's OK".There are at least a couple of things that are troubling to me here in addition to the obvious. One is that Sherron apparently didn't remember this whole thing about having another lawyer who he thought was taking care of it all until a few days later.First he was saying that he didn't know what his responsibilities were. Then Self got involved and said it was because he was out of town visiting his sick father, and that wasn't really an excuse as he should have been taking care of business, but...Now, he's hired a high powered law firm and suddenly it was just all a misunderstaning between Sherron and this unnamed previous lawyer.and it appears they're going after Ms. Brown quite aggressively. If she really is some golddigger making all this up for money or attention, great. Hopefully she gets the punishment she deserves. If not, this is another assault on her and they should all be ashamed of it.I'm also rather disturbed that the Kansas Bureau of Investigation has been sitting on the evidence sample sent to them for over a year and has never said a word about it. Now suddenly they're doing a "second study"? What were the results of the first one?Regardless of how this turns out, this does not seem to be a well handled investigation by the police department, campus security or the KBI.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

"Collins said he didn't know what was expected of him and what his responsibilities were ..."=================================I hope that doesn't apply to his statement of innocence:"In the statement, Collins said he is '100 percent innocent of any inappropriate behavior.'"==================================ie. could he possibly think the behavior described was not inappropriate?

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

kugrad2008 (Anonymous) says:Hey Taintedchamps,Do you read much?You said "I'm betting that during that 13 months someone in KU's athletic department had a direct conversation with Collins about the charges, what was at stake, and what he needed to do to make them go away by at least showing up to court."First, there were no charges filed, there were only allegations by a woman with no corroborating witnesses (he said she said), not even a police report. And the civil case was only filed a month ago. So exactly what conversation were you expecting?======================================One has to wonder whether *you* read the article which said:"In a statement issued Monday afternoon, KU head basketball coach Bill Self said KU officials were made aware of the allegation 13 months ago and described it as serious and not to be taken lightly."I would think they would have had some kind of conversation with him at the time. I imagine possible criminal charges were still on the table then.

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