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Coin meters bring change in charitable donations

its bad eough that the parking meters steal your money without giving you time now this well if i going to get nothing for my money what the hell

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Kobach predicts first statewide test of photo ID to vote will be a success

then why was i ask to show my ID the last time i votoed

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Homeless shelter about halfway to $3 million fundraising goal

everyone is talking money. i work at night on my way to work i see ladies, men and teens jogging or walking down O connell road and we all know that there are all kinds of life that are homeless the good and the VERY BAD. hmmmmmmmmmmmm anyone see where this is going!! HELLO OPEN YOUR EYES AND SMELL THE ODER.

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Turner Gill moves quickly to put new coaching team together

i think gill came to lawrence for some K-2. didnt he say in his speach who knows where to buy K-2.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

gill gets paid less so i bet L.P. is going to get a big pay rise what do you all think, L.P. is smart money talks when it going to be for him. a losing season for ku football for the next few years or longer. we have not miss a home game on the hill for a long time but we may miss it now thank you L.P. maybe now we can catch up on those home projects.

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13-year-old girl testifies that father came up with plan for children to murder their mother

can someone tell me where i can buy a good BAT

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Lawrence man sentenced to serve 235 months in federal prison for cocaine dealing

where can i get some and have a sniffing of a good time

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Longhorns roll over embattled KU

turner gill lets hope people look at his record its a losing one no championships losing seasons lets hope not that would be going backwards.

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Mangino's contract outlines probe

i know send him to hinu to whip those boys into playing football

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