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Calif. bill would allow minors to seek STD prevention without parental consent

Twelve year olds can get STDs, but can't drive, get license, buy cigarettes or liquor, and must go to school. Something's terribly wrong with this picture. Check the authorities over these kids to see who's putting them in jeopardy of contracting these diseases. Twelve years old?! Come on now! If kids this young are getting STDs, Child Welfare need to be part of the Budget Cuts.

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Statehouse Live: Health exchange committee will continue work despite Brownback's rejection of grant

True to his clan, brownnose - back - head.. whatever, doesn't care how many voting citizens need medical care, let alone healthcare. He's where every politician dreams of being, controlling the coffers, getting kickbacks (now called brownbacks), demeaning any progressive efforts in an unstable economy, and putting the blame on the politician doing the most good for the nation. and you wonder why there are hurricanes and earthquakes in divers places. God is trying to tell you something, Governor Sam Brown...

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Tour recounts telling tale of Quantrill’s Raid

The same feuds exist today. just under the auspices of democracy and politics. Not necessarily over people in bondage, but the bondage of peoples' money. Class replaces race. Rep... one political group represents Quantrill, while the abolitionists try and protect the down trodden.

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City, County would pay to keep open state SRS office under proposal announced Monday

Is a new staff, refurbished, down-sized or otherwise included with that deal. Sure hope so!

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What advice would you give kids trying to lead a healthier lifestyle?

A few good examples already in response. Work on your Spirit. It's not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts. Man looks on the outward appearance, God looks at our rotten souls. Would you invite Him into your heart today?

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Who is most responsible for ensuring public school children eat a healthy lunch?

This country is the way it is because of ruthless, heartless, money-grubbers who have no idea or consideration of the concept of family, neighbor, community, country or nation under God. Don't settle down here. Keep you flyer miles ticking, keep your conceited opinions to yourself, and let love abide.

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Lawrence churches, Salvation Army hold tent revival

And where will you "wanna-B" when Jesus returns, and you scoffed at His Revival. I wished to be there, and was in spirit. Lord have mercy on yours. Not everyone who says "Oh jeez" shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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About 150 attend meeting on SRS closure

The bull's back's been broken by Brownback, so it's no longer bullsh_ _, but Brownsh_ _.

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About 150 attend meeting on SRS closure

Another sleeping cell. WAKE UP AMERICAN PEOPLE!!,

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About 150 attend meeting on SRS closure

Kansas GAS Chamber of Commerce, Brown-OUT and Seid-SWIPE are most likely sleeping cells that are now activated. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Terrorist got into aeornautic schools, they can get into politics.

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