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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

Little kids, really? They're eighth graders, at central, they experience a lot there.
It's not sick to give the students experiences from life that happened to people their age not too long ago.
By stopping rubbing kid's noses in "it" does that mean we should not learn anything about history? The role play just adds to the learning and makes it memorable to students. The way your logic sounds, it sounds like any learning of history that does not make the country look good, that then it is garbage and teachers should not rub their pupils' noses in it.

The chains are a learning experience and they help add to the experience. None of today's kids have actually experienced the reality of being a slave, it's not disgusting that he is teaching ALL of the kids what it was like regardless of the colour of their skin. It would be wrong if he said "you're African-American therefore you do not need to participate in this because it could be taken that I'm a racist teacher making the African-American students participate in a simulation that EVERYONE is doing," that would be disgusting.

This is a wonderful teaching method that he has had for years and you as a parent have the opportunity to force your child to opt out of a learning experience. I for one am very glad that he uses an out-of-the-box teaching method, it helps students to learn so much better.

Wormsley is an amazing teacher, and I have actually retained what I learned in that class compared to everything other history class I've ever taken and that is because he uses many simulations that actually make history interesting and more memorable in a students mind. Honestly, if having a history class out of book sounds like a better idea to you, then why don't you go and "teach" it, or should I say, you sit at a desk on the ljworld forums while your students sit and read a textbook all day every day then you give them tests and give almost all of your students failing grades. I wouldn't trust you to teach children.

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Wrong message

You are so very wrong in that statement. You realize that all the students who have their hair cut have agree to have it done. That is not the case in what Romeny did but here what our Seniors do is different. The suspension was overreacting, the Seniors have been pulling pranks for YEARS. It's what they do, everyone knows that, and to just now crack down on it and say no more is stupid and no one will listen. You option for what should be done is even worse and I would go as far as saying your option is beyond absurd, they shaved kids heads who AGREED to it previously. Maybe we should send Seniors after you to shave your head, you need it and then we will expel you.

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Heart-warming tale

I wonder if you've ever thought of taking in abused horses and ponies.

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Pony given new lease on life

@Workinghard. I get the right to take it seriously considering I have been one of the people that has been helping train Coco since her rehabiliation at our barn, Stepping Stone Ranch.

@Somdude20. Well I'm glad that you're having fun ticking people off. I mean seriously, this is a story about a pony that was abused and is being brought back to a healthly lifestyle and you and you want to talk about how she would be good to eat. Well I'm sure you would make a lovely meal too. Coco has come such a long way since arriving at SSR and you have no right to judge thanks.

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Pony given new lease on life

Why would you even think to bring up such an awful thing. This pony has been through a lot and so have the people that have helped rehabilitate her. You really need to find some kindness in your heart, if you have one.

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