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The wisdom of ‘not-knowing’

Cappy, I have no idea what you are talking about. I do not know who will be going to hell or if anyone will.
I have no doubts about my faith or my decision to be a Roman Catholic.
Everyone else can make up their own minds about which faith, or none, that they wish to follow.
I have read quite a few science books and I have enormous respect for science and the search for knowledge about the world in which we live.
We are blessed to live on a prolific planet. The smallest life forms lead very complex lives. As our technology improves so will our ability to see and learn about these things.

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Hotei. Male. The god of contentment and happiness, Hotei has a cheerful face and a big belly. He is supposedly based on an
Yes it is! I think he is utterly adorable. I have a picture of him and I rub his tummy when I am feeling down.

I did cut and paste this and I put on the source.

Hotei. Male. The god of contentment and happiness, Hotei has a cheerful face and a big belly. He is supposedly based on an actual person, and is widely recognized outside of Japan. He carries a large cloth bag over his back, one that never empties, for he uses it to feed the poor and needy. Indeed, the Japanese spelling of "Ho Tei" literally means "cloth bag." He also holds a Chinese fan called an oogi (said to be a "wish giving" fan -- in the distant past, this type of fan was used by the aristocracy to indicate to vassals that their requests would be granted). Hotei is most likely based on the itinerant 10th-century Chinese Buddhist monk and hermit Budaishi (d. 917), who is said to be an incarnation of Miroku Bodhisattva (Maitreya in Sanskrit).

He could be Japanese, he could be Chinese, he is venerated by people in both countries.
I think of him as a pre-St. Francis

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I am well aware that the man who inspired this statue was not THE Buddha. I never said he was. And, I wrote this myself, I did not copy and paste it, except for the poem.
Oh, please, if the worst thing anything has said to you is, jump off, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Sarah Palin: Hypocrite

I am offended by your taking the name of the Lord in vain. Oh, yes, I know you think that is funny. Ha! Ha!
I meant that Sarah is a common sense, down to earth person.
She left her job as governor of Alaska and there is nothing wrong with that. She had a perfectly good reason for why it was best for her to leave when she did.
No, not that, can't we behave ourselves for five minutes on here?
No, guess not. Oh, well.
I am going to go say my rosary.
In the meantime, laugh on.

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The Monkey Mailbox Mural Artist and the Sunflower House Imposter

You have a unique writing style like Faulkner and Joyce, in sentence structure and how you present your ideas. You seem to have led a very interesting life.

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March 8: Memoir Madness "Justbegintowrite"

Stumbling blocks, really? You think?

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Local saturation patrol announced during Spring Break

I was born one mornin',
It was drizzlin' rain,
Fightin' and trouble are my middle name.
I was raised in the canebreak by an ole mamma lion,
Ain't no high toned man make me walk the line.

Changed it just a little. Not to worry Cowboy, nothing, but nothing, is going to keep Irish down.

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Sarah Palin: Hypocrite

She doesn't have to know what the vice president does, she is going to be president.
I, on the other hand, will be the VP, and I know what I do. I will be the head of NASA.
To the moon!
I am getting in shape for it now by pumping iron.
Man, that skillet is heavy, but you can't hardly use anything else to make cornbread. Not if you want it good.

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Should the city install a few 15-minute parking meters downtown?

They should put number pads on meters so you can just punch in the minutes you need. You will be able to buy a card that you swish though the meter to pay for it. You will also have a remote device that alerts you if your time is about to expire and lets you put more minutes in.
Trust me, when you have degenerative joint disease and tendinitis in your Achilles tendon it can feel like your legs are going to fall off.

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No lo se

CyberKnight I do thank you for the information and the link. I am of a mixed mind about this race. In the case of the Jamaican I believe his dogs to be well treated.
There should be some way to weed out those who do not take care of their animals. Seventy-One participants in this race are just too many.
There should be a qualifying race.

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