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It's the 50th anniversary of "To Kill a Mockingbird." Have you read it?

It's on of my top ten list of favorite books; also movie list. Love Gregory Peck in any film! The kids' parts are even more amazing when you watch it realizing they had no experience--at least Scout and Jem. Dill had a little. That shows a great director. There's a new book out for the 50th anniversary which I haven't read yet, but Tom Brokaw has a piece in it. I read Brokaw's part at The Daily Beast. The book is Scout, Atticus, and Boo : A Celebration of Fifty Years of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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What do I do with ... beets: Simple preparation yields superb side dish

If you love Harvard beets and can't get any home-cooked and aren't up to it yourself, try Aunt Nellie's brand in the jar. It's the best of all the commercial brands.

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Ahhh, Kansas: What Are Your Favorite Things About It?

Since we're no longer living in Lawrence, but are going to be back visiting Kansas mid-month (from Oregon), I've been thinking of the things I'm looking forward to. The simple things are best: fireflies flashing in the grass, the sound of cicadas, the incomparable Kansas sky, the Cottonwoods rustling, the walk next to the river . . . plus the frozen custard which they don't have here. But hey! Is it true that Newhouse Dairy is no more? Their chocolate milk in glass bottles is going to have to remain a fond memory for me?

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Boyda endorses Obama

There's an interactive Veepstakes poll you can play with to choose Obama's running mate. Kathleen Sebelius is doing fairly well. Republicans have one at the site also.

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KU secures 2008 NCAA crown, 75-68 in overtime over Memphis

Big fat congratulations, Jayhawks! Loved it!No longer in Lawrence, watching from Oregon

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Do you think you could be a substitute teacher?

Hey there, OnlyTheOne! How about you? Apparently your teachers weren't that strong on teaching proofreading and the importance of first drafts and editing until the final draft.

Could it possibly be that for thirty years the American educator has been more interested in finding a "new" was . . . [a new WAS?]

Educators have tought them . . . [TOUGHT?]

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Do you think the KU and city bus systems should merge?

Don't let the day end without getting your pirate names:

My claim to "fame" and I do need to frame fame with quotes, is that I was once in a play with Mark Summers and knew John Baur (you know, the pirate guys). So when I was working out at the Circle S several years ago, listening to the radio, I nearly fell down the stairs when I heard John's voice on an NPR interview about pirate day.

I know I'm not even talking like a pirate, so call me a bilge rat and feed me to the sharks!

Irene (known today as Flora the Green)

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It's official: North Lawrence will be "Jericho"

Oh, THAT apostrophe. By all means, let's attack. :-)

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It's official: North Lawrence will be "Jericho"

"Would somebody at the J-W PLEASE do something about the "it's" in the subheading???? Before I have a seizure or something????"

rincoglionita, please don't have a seizure for naught.

Saying "It's official" is short for "It is official." If they had written "Its official" it would have been incorrect.

The apostrophe is taking the place of the 'i' in 'is' so this is a contraction, like don't, can't, isn't . . . you know.

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What do you think state health officials should do to reduce childhood obesity?


"No Child Left Behind" . . . sounds like the motto on a sinking ship

That is about the best summation of the program I've seen.

Closer to the subject at hand: the restaurant portions mentioned earlier--if portions are decreased, do you think the prices will decrease with them? Hah! I'll continue the doggy bag practice. It's nice to have something for lunch from a good dinner the night before.

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