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Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

I oppose any institution that discriminates and espouses bigotry by claiming to speak for God.

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Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

It is politically correct and not very divisive to say that you help the poor and disenfranchised...provided they are poor and heterosexual. I think it is quite deceptive and unethical for a church to pretend to be one thing instead of presenting the doctrine that they really believe. This church, like so many others, is an exclusive and homophobic institution that preys on the emotional insecurities of people who are seeking and needing a place to belong. Disgusting, and even more so that this ostensibly nice pastor doesn't even have the courage to admit it and say what he really believes. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, my friend...

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Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

wallace222: If hipster pastor Justin will be quoted in an LJWorld article stating clearly that his church is open and affirming, i.e., that individual sexual orientation and gender expression do not inhibit one from joining and serving, and are nobody's business except that individual, then perhaps I would be inclined to visit. Until then, thanks but no thanks. One of the best things I learned in college was how to think critically, and I find it insulting that these kinds of pastors and church members would insult my intelligence so fiercely as to assume that I can be persuaded by Christian rock music, guys with long hair and crappy Brass Buckle styles. It will take more than coffee, donuts and loud PA's to bring me in the door: how about authenticity? I would rather see Fred Phelps standing on the corner spouting his hate and insanity than listen to any of these "hipster" least Fred is honest.

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Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

These "hey-we're-hip-it's-all-good" churches are no different from the in-your-face xenophobic churches, EXCEPT that these churches attempt to veil their exclusiveness and bigotry under the guise of a pastor with an intentional five o'clock shadow, an earring, a faded American Eagle jeans and an Ed Hardy hoodie in an attempt to attract followers. Makes me sick. Bottom line: if you are LGBT or Q and you walk into one of these churches with your significant other, they may be nice to you, they may give you "Christian" hugs and invite you to sing and have coffee and donuts, but eventually, if you express an interest in joining said church in any capacity, you will be told that you have to change. They prey on the core need of most people, particularly those who have been marginalized: the need to belong. It always comes down to that, it is always the same. I would rather have hate be obvious and detectable, rather than veiled under ostensible kindness.

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

No, No and NO. Blech.

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Mail deliveries interrupted by snow; normal schedule should return Saturday

Eh...I actually shoveled out a path from my neighbors house to my front porch for the mailman to use, but he did not show, so I figured it was a matter of streets being blocked.

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Letter: No update

The cartoon is a response to the decades upon decades of child sexual abuse committed by priests that was often excused, ignored and covered up. I am Catholic as well, but this did not offend me. It is one person's opinion, which they are entitled to have. Let it go.

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Some Lawrence sidewalks remain snowbound despite $20 fines

hehe..Quail Run know some of the west Lawrencians are watching and waiting for the outlier in their BH&G neighborhood who does not shovel the sidewalk! Sorry, I just had to laugh at this one...

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Last-minute Christmas shopping an annual tradition for men of one Lawrence-based family

I love the picture...the one guy scratching his head, a bit unsure! Great Story!

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Weather forces districts, including Lawrence, to cancel classes; other cancellations listed

Well, if my kid does have school today, he won't be driving his car, as he has never driven in blizzard conditions. It'll be the bus...

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