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Supernatural Convention and Dennis in a Santa suit

O.K.- if anyone knows, please confirm the validity of this: I was told several years ago that Dennis had apparently tried to touch a child and/or children inappropriately. I am wary of him, but would like to know if anyone else had heard this rumor?

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

Agreed. Unfortunately there is no way to legislate morality, so there will always be people taking advantage of a system that is supposed to help the few unfortunate souls who really need the (temporary) help. If you do not have children, and you are able-bodied, then get out there and do whatever work you have to do. There are jobs available- perhaps not cushy office jobs with nice benefits, but jobs none-the-less, (the McDonalds in DeSoto is hiring, for one) and you should be willing to work them if you are able.

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Are you going to read “The Worst Hard Time?”

Read it- loved it!

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What’s the best bargain you’ve ever gotten at a rummage sale?

A brand new Camelback backpack for $5!

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Son to adopt dog of Lawrence man found dead in Kansas River

Wow...I remember seeing Mr. Sexton quite often. So good to know Gabby will have a forever home with family. I do not have all of the challenges that Mr. Sexton had, but I have had a time of it with severe anxiety and PTSD, and my dogs have been right by my side through it all.

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Metaphysical Fair gains popularity in Lawrence

hmmm...not too sure about this. Not because I do not believe in the validity of healing and harmony through energy, mindfulness, etc., Buddhist monks have been doing it for thousands of years. But I question those who may be charlatans, out to make quick buck. I am really curious to hear from people who have attended this fair and what their experience has been, and/or anyone who has had meetings/appointments/sessions with anyone who is presenting at this fair.

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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

Nooo! Sheesh. It's like the Milton's-Loopys-Milton's thing all over again. "Tellers" says classy and chic. Any name with the word "Pub" in it just sounds tired and unoriginal. Why do people insist on fixing what isn't broken??

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'Love' garage no more

Darn..I kept meaning to get a pic of "love" to frame and hang on my wall. Bummer!

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Ottawa El Mezcal restaurant closed by Immigration and Customs officials

Eh..please see my grammar correction below. Thanks.

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Homeless shelter, nearing capacity, gets more bus passes; city rejects tennis court lights

I agree with you, and I think it is awesome when people refer to themselves in the third person.. :)

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