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Governor recommends funding for Lawrence SRS office

Thank you Sam!!!!! SRS is a much needed service for some. But not for the ones that use and abuse it. There will always be those that abuse it, but thank you for providing for the ones that truly Need IT!

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2 bald eagles shot and killed in Kansas

How very sad.

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No raises for state workers in Brownback's 2013 budget

Really, Sam, help Kansans. Did you forget how you got where you are at? Another year of no State COLA?

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Brownback proposes using casino revenues to pay off garage

Revenues from the new Kansas Casino to pay off parking garage! What happened to revenues from Kansas Casinos to help with EDUCATION? Education throughout Kansas has so many cuts, and Sam is worried about a parking garage? Come on Sam, pull your head out! Help Kansas.....

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Bank withdraws foreclosure lawsuit against Douglas County Sheriff Ken McGovern's home


Really, really...I believe that it is a known fact that the more you make the more you spend. The only true statement in your post is when you said "it is their problem". You are correct on that is their problem and no of YOUR business. Now go bash someone else that is down on their luck, oh ya Obama's Uncle just got arrested for a DUI and is in jail, that should keep you busy for a while. So sad that you are not happy in your life.

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Inmates at Leavenworth Federal Prison cultivating garden and sharing their bounty with the community

Great Article,

This is a wonderful way for the inmates to help out the community while helping themselves. Growing and maintaining a garden will establish ownership, pride, self confidence, peace of mind and the fact that they are helping others out is an everlasting feeling. Glad to see these kinds of programs that benifite EVERYONE!!!! Thank you gardners for helping out the Lawrence Community.!!!!!

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Bank starts foreclosure proceedings against Douglas County Sheriff Ken McGovern's home

Well put Vermont!
These are hard times for everyone, a sheriff, a waitress, ss receipient, the list goes on and on. My mama always said, "if you have nothing good to say, you best keep your damn mouth shut!" God, do I love and miss my mama!

I send positive thoughts and prayers out to the McGovern's and the many hundred thousand of other families dealing with these issues at this time too.

Ken and Rebecca, thank you for just happening to come up on the roll over accident a few years back and thank you for providing love, patients, caring and calmness to that group of 5 teenage kids. I thank my blessing everyday that it was the two of you that were there to comfort my daughter when I was not there. God had a major hand in the events that night, everyone still remembers the love and caring that you two offered. May this love and caring return to your family ten fold.

God Bless!
Thank YOU!!!!!

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Plotting a course: New superintendent gives Eagle Bend facelift

He definately is Not a Newman, LOL. Good job Lumpy, keep up the great work. Congrats on the baby girl! I'll have to stop by and visit some time, haven't seen you in a few years.

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Tonganoxie hires Randy Weseman as interim superintendent

"I just don't understand really, why he and others take a 90,000 dollar job that someone else may need. I really dont!
What about Weseman's wife? Is she teaching someplace? Is she retired?"

Really,....what planet are you from. Here you are criticizing someone because he has the knowledge and experience to help the Tonganoxie school district out, while improving his financial situation. I call this very Intelligent not Greed, and then you have the nerve to bring his wife into it. Looks like you could learn a learn or two from him and quit your damn whining. There is a reason why you are where you are in your life....think about it.

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Rural Tonganoxie man who accidentally shot himself in head released from KU Hospital

I don't think he shot his gun in his backyard, but rather he shot it into his chin, and it was not free for him, it has cost him dearly.

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