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Ambler surprised with mural at KU's student rec center

Or, it would take 10 minutes and 75 cents to walk your lazy, hyper-critical butts to the store and buy a copy of the newspaper with Richard Gwin's photograph in it.

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

Sales tax rates here are an absolute killer.

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Twinkie manufacturer Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike

Funny how in America they are called "Twinkies" and they are a laughing-stock, emblematic of everything that's wrong with our obese country, and in France they are called "Madeleines" and are a beloved delicacy, even when sold out of vending machines on Metro platforms ...
and that running gag about Twinkies lasting forever didn't help, either; they were actually allowed to stay on shelves only a fairly short time -- restocked within a week or so if they weren't sold.
I never particularly liked Twinkies, but they weren't Satan spawn ...

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3 injured in head-on accident in 900 block of Maine Street

Politically correct? Hmmm ... OK, whatever. If you took the time to read my follow-up comment, you'll see that I concede that for significant news events (such as 9/11, using your extreme example), on-scene photos and videos should be posted, and quickly. No argument there, none at all. A two-car accident is not significant news. It's a police blotter item, or a short news item. In today's paper, it was a photo with a caption. And, I wasn't arguing that photos should never be published; I only stated that it was my OPINION that publishing them so quickly -- and it was certainly much quicker than several hours after the fact, as Boston states -- opens the possibility that the cars will be recognized long before police will have had a chance to make notifications. It's voyeurism, and it's beneath a reputable news outlet like the LJW. You'll also note that I state that it's a judgment call, and one I'm glad I don't have to make because there are no "right" answers. I don't think that's PC at all; I think it's a reasonable statement of opinion.

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3 injured in head-on accident in 900 block of Maine Street

I wish you were correct, kernal, but unfortunately I don't think you are. And to be fair to LJW, I understand that in a major news event, pics and video have to be posted quickly; we live in an instant-news world. But a car accident, outside of other factors, isn't huge news. There is no loss to the LJW by not posting instant images from the scene. And honestly, I'm glad I don't have to make these sorts of decisions in a news-up-to-second world. There's probably no "right" answers, just judgment calls. I suppose I'd try to err on the side of caution, and respect for victims and families, when the community news value isn't all that great ... Just my opinion.

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3 injured in head-on accident in 900 block of Maine Street

Has there ever been consideration about the implications of posting photographs and video of vehicles that have been involved in such serious accidents so quickly after the event? It seems unlikely police could notify family as quickly as the photos are posted here, and anybody who recognizes one of the cars, or even thinks they might recognize one of the cars, will be scared out of their minds. Instant news can be dangerous news.

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Parts of Lawrence already have super-fast Internet

This guy gets below-market-cost access to city infrastructure for his high-speed cable and so far it's five Greek houses, with immediate plans calling for some selected apartment complexes? Huh? We approved this? And by the way ... if his high-speed cable service currently serves five Greek houses up on the hill and nobody else, that hardly qualifies as "Parts of Lawrence already have superfast Internet".

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Writer and former Douglas County sheriff candidate George Kimball dies

He did indeed. Probably his last fight from ringside.

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