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Libraries are limited, obsolete

Just to fuel the fire...

Just imagine how much it would cost to create the utopian, web-friendly society Mr. Hirschey mentions. Getting computers and internet access to a whole town's worth of people, even a small town, would be astronomically expensive. Just the cost of laying fiber optic or T1 cable would probably cost a million or so. If every person in Lawrence bought a computer or laptop, they'd be spending more than $700, right?

Quality buildings that can safely house collections of books, journals, DVDs and other media as well as provide space for community building and learning are not cheap. It seems to me that $70 million is a reasonable price for a modern library. There ARE people in this country who spend as much on a single house. There are towns throughout this country (I've lived in more than one) where the populace would be overjoyed for their municipal leaders to dedicate so much money to such a worthy cause.

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