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Lawrence residents say goodbye to popular downtown breakfast spot

Ah Drakes, last of a kind (remember the cuss jar.) Sure wish someone other than the "chains" could serve breakfast at 5 AM for those who start work at 6. Thought we might have had something going when Hayes House was on Kasold, but fizzled pretty fast. Unless you set at the bar, there was some crappy service. Did like their breakfast though.

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Kansas conceal carry holders commit few gun crimes

But Michael Birzer, criminal justice professor and director of the school of community affairs at Wichita State University, said no empirical studies back up claims that the permits deter crime.

"It's hogwash," said Birzer

Well, I am convinced. Obviously the law must be repealed!

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Town Talk: City trying to determine what type of fine it can levy on Varsity House project; Deciphera undertaking new strategy, rumors of layoffs

In the end Mr. Fritzel will have to do something to appease the city. He has awakened a sleeping giant and also is poking it with a stick.
For years there have been 'stories' throughout the biz how this company has been dancing around rules, codes, and procedures, this time it has gotten real public. City Hall does not like being embarrassed.
If people noted in the article, this project still needs to get and pass an occupancy inspection. This can be a VERY difficult thing to procure if the inspection department is motivated by those higher in their food chain to make sure every code is followed to the letter. The delays can go one indefinitely.

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