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Property tax lid causing harm, Kansas cities and counties tell lawmakers

Cities have only 2 ways to raise money to pay for services - sales tax and property tax. Cities are asked to provide a variety of services that generate no income, like sewers, roads, police, firefighters, emergency medical, etc. Citizens can choose to pay for services, or not have services. People are getting elected on platforms of providing the same or more services. Which means that, as prices rise, so must the amount of tax money taken in. Or else, those services face cuts.

Retired citizens enjoy the benefits of roads, sewers, police, fire, medical, etc. Many of them live in neighborhoods where others want to live, and are willing to pay a premium for those houses. This drives housing prices up, and increases the tax liability on properties in the vicinity, unless the tax levys go down accordingly.

This is simple economics.

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After LHS student raises concerns, tribal chief wants to rescind Shawnee Mission North's use of Indian mascot

The original story can be found here:

It is more than just one student, and it is more than just the mascot at issue. LJWorld is not giving you all of the information.

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Kansas House votes to restore guaranteed teacher tenure

Our employers (the State Legislature) have spent the last several years trying to systematically dismantle public education. It does not matter how hard I work nor how effective I am at my job. They want my job to end. They want my place of work to disappear. I am a union member because the full weight of the State of Kansas can only be counteracted if teachers work and speak together. If I thought for one moment that I could make 6 figures at this job by not being a union member, I would do it. But without the union, I'd still be making $29K per year because the people who make the salary decisions don't care if I'm good at my job. They care about not collecting taxes and paying for services. So, yes, I do want due process at my job. And for what it is worth, Pete, I think you should have due process, too. No one deserves to be fired without cause. No one. Not even you.

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Kansas House votes to restore guaranteed teacher tenure

Due process is not tenure.

Tenure: noun - status granted to an employee, usually after a probationary period, indicating that the position or employment is permanent.

Teachers have never had permanent jobs. What they used to have, and hope to have again, is a right to due process. This means teachers would have a right to get a hearing before the Superintendent and/or school board if a principal wants to terminate their employment. In this sort of a hearing, the principal would be asked to identify and explain the reasons for the termination, the teacher would have an opportunity to respond, and then the superintendent and/or school board would decide whether to follow through on the termination, or to allow the teacher to maintain employment.

It isn't a permanent job, it is just a guarantee that a teacher can ask an objective party to look at why they were fired from their job, and to listen to their side of the situation, in an effort to prevent arbitrary terminations.

I wish the Journal World would stop giving the public incorrect information.

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School board abruptly adjourns meeting after audience disruption; police called

You have some incorrect information here. There is no teacher tenure in the contract. There is, however, a process in place for disciplining certified staff. This process was negotiated, and is part of the public record. The contract can be found here:

I think you will find that Article 24 (p. 32-35) is the relevant section. I offer this here not in support or condemnation of any particular stance, but only to add accurate information to the discussion.

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Schools say test scores show funding in Kansas is inadequate

More funding means we can hire more teachers. This means each teacher has fewer students, and is thus able to give each individual more attention. This allows for a more personalized education, improving the remediation of a student's deficits and/or the expansion of a student's strong areas. And yes, teachers are withholding their best abilities to educate Kansas children, because those skills are very time intensive. Teachers can only grade so many essays, answer so many questions, etc. If you reduce the number of students per teacher, then that number of essays and questions is divided amongst fewer students, allowing each student more feedback and guided practice.

But even if teachers were paid more money, perhaps the state would lose fewer good teachers to other states and/or industries that pay better. This also benefits students by keeping successful teachers in Kansas classrooms.

The reality is, money makes a difference in education because it means more adults are working with kids.

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No policies in place to address sex offenders in schools

Hat tip to the LHS Budget, and reporter Zia Kelly who first broke this story.

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Lawrence school board to vote on whether to purchase 5,000 iPads

These are being purchased out of capital outlay dollars. That is money that can only go to buy things - buildings, furniture, vehicles, technology, etc. It cannot, by law, be used to pay for salaries. Only general fund dollars can be used to pay for salary.

We don't wonder why there is no money. We know why; because the state refuses to meet its constitutional burden.

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Lawrence school board to vote on whether to purchase 5,000 iPads

That would be an Apple decision, not a BOE decision, David. Call Apple, offer to buy 5,000 of them, and I bet they offer you the same price.

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Lawrence's Orchards Golf Course opens new FootGolf facility; update on downtown's Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

Chad, the other two organizations who donated hogs to Just Food were the Food Policy Council and the Lone Star 4-H Club. This is a great way to support local kids and a great local charity, all at one event.

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